Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Post 4094 - Tuesday Night Fun Times

Well, hello there.

Sorry I haven't written the last few days. Been a little under the weather at night and turned in early. No excuse, though. You know I love you all.

On Saturday we went to the Valley for a day trip. Had lunch in Wolfville at the newest pub there, unless there is yet another newer pub there. It is the one that used to be the men's clothing store. That one. I can tell you that the crab cakes eggs benedict was much better than the meal we had there last year. We will go back.

We drove around a bit, ending up in Kentville to look at the pumpkin people. We took some back roads in the town and people still put them out on their front lawn, which is a gas. And then we went up a hill in the older part of town and kept going and going and going. They are building several new subdivisions up there, which I never knew about. Lovely homes in a part of town that needs them, but too many in the area cannot afford them at all. I guess so-called "affordable housing" is not on anybody's mind these days.

On Sunday I got a lovely email from someone who told me that the scrapbooks about her father had been returned to her, along with a court transcript featuring her father as a defence attorney. We were invited to go to her place to check them out. We went on Monday morning and had a lovely chat. She and her husband were kind enough to let us borrow all those materials. I spent about three hours Tuesday afternoon scanning in every page of one of those scrapbooks. Painstaking work; it is very easy to make a mistake and have the scanner miss something, or take a blurry "picture". I have a second such scrapbook to scan in. I will work on that on Wednesday. Then I will scan in the transcripts. 

These documents amount to a significant historical treasure trove of information that just landed in my lap by pure happenstance. She happened to read the issue of Frank that had the article about a cold case murder which mentioned her father, because he had defended the man accused of killing the victim. She decided to call my editor to comment about the piece and to correct an error that I had made (which I had made because a source I quoted was incorrect). I daresay that if I had not made that error she might not have called the magazine and set these actions in motion. 

I had speculated on the exact location of the place where the victim of the cold case had worked. I had four corners to work with. I knew two of them were something else so I could eliminate them. But I figured it was another corner. I now have a picture of the place where the victim worked all those years ago and believe I was wrong. It is the opposite corner of what I had thought. I think. Not perhaps worthy of a formal correction in the magazine, but something that bothers me nonetheless.

The lady I spoke with on Monday is convinced that the man accused of killing the victim was 100% not guilty. She bases that opinion on having read the transcript. I had already reached that conclusion so I look forward to reading it and having that opinion verified. Still means that the victim's murder has never been solved, but the wrong man did not get convicted of it, which should mean something to you.

I will come out and say right here and now that if your parent or uncle or whatever was a defence attorney in Nova Scotia back in the day and defended a person who was found not guilty, and the case has remained unsolved to the present day, please tell me about it. Especially if you happen to have articles or other documents to share with me. I will take tremendous care of them and return them to you in excellent condition. As well, I will share with you the digital copy that I make, at no charge to you at all. You get all your documents back intact, and a free digital copy of them to boot. 

Heck, if you happen to have any Nova Scotia related vintage newspaper articles featuring crime stories from years and years ago, I would like to see those as well. I will scan them in and return them to you along with that free digital copy I just mentioned.

Your best bet is to contact me via email right here. I guarantee your anonymity if you request it. Thank you. 

It is past one in the morning. I think I will turn in. Lots of scanning to do in the morning.

See you tomorrow.


Friday, October 22, 2021

Post 4093 - Friday Night Frolics

Hello again.

Sorry I didn't write on Thursday. Some stuff happened and things got away from me. But we did go for a nice walk in the evening, so there is that. 

On Friday, we also got out of the house and hit a couple of the thrift stores. I remember when the clothing at thrift stores was for people who did not make much money, and was priced accordingly. I cannot get past paying upwards of $15 for a shirt at Value Village, and even at the new Salvation Army store in Bedford, many shirts were $8 or $9. And they had no changing room, so you had to hope that they fit, because while they have a return policy, it is a crappy one, and time limited. I did not buy anything at the Sally Ann, but did find an Alpine Beer drinking stein for two dollars at the Value Village and got that. I did not buy any shirts at VV, either.

We ended up driving over to Bibles for Missions in Lower Sackville. The shirts I looked at were all $5 each. I ended up getting two of them, and because it was red tag day, and there were red price tags on those two shirts, I got them for 25% off, which made me very happy. I got two nice shirts for $8.53, taxes in. I wish they had been a couple of dollars cheaper yet again, but such is life.

I have promised Patricia to cull my shirt collection in the coming weeks. The shirt I am wearing, from Kirkland/Costco, I have had for quite a few years. The collar is becoming frayed, and so are the cuffs. It is a very comfy shirt and I will miss it, but the time is coming for its downgrade. I will strip off all the buttons and put them in a jar. I will cut up the shirt and use the strips for rags until such time as the rags are worn out, at which time I will throw the pieces into the trash. You understand.

There is a thrift store in the Valley that we may go to soon. They have periodic special days when an article of clothing is no more than a dollar. I can only imagine how hectic the store is on those days. 

I know that people think I am a lousy cheap little so and so for doing this, shopping at thrift stores. I did it when I was working and pulling in a good salary. It bothers me on a fundamental level to pay full price for things like shirts, when there are many thrift stores nearby that have perfectly good shirts for significantly less. 

I have purchased used clothing that I can find, but seldom purchased used shoes, and men typically wear their shoes down to a nub. When I need a new printer, I get it for as cheap as I an from a place like Value Village. I got a laser printer last year for five dollars, and it works great. Even has built in WIFI. I also acquired a Brother laser printer for ten dollars a few months ago. Just waiting for my Samsung laser printer to die so I can put it in to action. I got that in 2012 for $40, and it just keeps working.

Ditto for when I need a scanner. I favour the Canon Lide series, which get their power from a computer's usb port.  The earlier ones in the series can be readily had for under ten dollars and "just work" out of the box when you run an OS like Linux Mint or Ubuntu. Maybe not the fastest scanner in the world, but I don't use a scanner that frequently and am not in that big a rush. 

I also buy used computers. I have ranted about the word "refurbished" before, but when you buy a used computer from a reputable dealer, you are in theory buying a good machine from someone whose reputation would be besmirched if they sold someone a crappy machine. In theory. I have been burned by one dealer in the Valley, and I will never give him my business again. 

I got this Dell All-In-One this Spring and I love it. Built-in speakers and webcam. More usb ports than I really need, but I use them anyway. A legacy ps/2 port, so this wonderful 1989 vintage Model M keyboard I picked up a few years ago for fifty cents at a thrift store makes typing on this computer a joy. I know if I were still working it may not do the trick; but I am retired from that job and this machine is perfectly good for what I need it for. Plus, I can hook up an external monitor to it, and do. The monitor and cable were already here and cost me nothing to hook up. It is just grand. 

In the morning we have some plans. I am just not sure if we will do them or not. Remains to be seen. 

I will tell you about them tomorrow.

See you then.




Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Post 4092 - Wednesday Evening Things

Hello again.

Another day of sleeping in. Another day of doing very little. It is becoming a bad habit.

I did get an email from a potential lead to a potential follow up to a story from some time ago. I hope to hear from this person again, soon.

The article that was posted on the Frank website has already yielded a comment from a reader that may itself lead to a follow up piece. 

And I have two other articles I need to write in the coming days and send off to my editor. One of them will be quite brief as the trail is as cold as they come, and I have not seen an update in many a year. Just the same police updates from time to time. It is these cases which give me the most pause. I can add very little to what has already been written. I can just go back to the original articles and get a picture of the victim or look online and perhaps find some clues that way. Otherwise, there is little to report. This kind of thing happens more frequently than I would like. 

I see where the province today announced that the rent cap will be limited to 2% through the end of 2023. I am of two minds on this. While having a place to live is a human right, full stop, living in any particular location is not. I believe that most landlords are not greedy, avaricious money hounds bent on making a buck at any cost. They have to pay upkeep on a property, plus insurance and property taxes and maintenance and even some utilities. Likely even a mortgage. By the time they pay those costs, what little is left over, is fully taxable, leaving even less profit.

And if the landlord/owner does not live nearby, they have to hire a property manager, who does not work for free. 

I am sure I am leaving out some things. 

If the landlord spends a significant amount of money to upgrade a property, it may take years for them to recoup all those costs and make a profit again. 

I do not see where this is a relationship suffused with unholy profit, especially if the person only owns a few rental units. If they own many rental units, yes, I can see how they can make some good money. But what is wrong with making some money? They are not running a charity.

But if I were still renting, I am sure I would feel differently and be very grateful that the provincial government has decided to extend this rental cap. I just hope that before the end of 2023, that the government can convince developers to construct lots of new housing. Where that housing will go, I have no idea, as the city is starting to fill up. 

It is a difficult conundrum to say the least.

Which gets back to me saying that we will be happy to sell Casa Bevboy here in the city and live somewhere else if someone will but sell us a place we can afford and which has certain amenities that we both need and want. It is a short list, but a firm one. Two bathrooms. Roof in good shape. Doors and windows of a recent vintage. A good back deck. Enough of a back yard for Patricia to go nuts with a garden. Relatively close to a grocery store and a few other places. A few other things I cannot remember right now. Help us find a place like that, and we are outta here.

I think I will turn in. Pushing one in the morning and we really do want to do a day trip on Thursday.

See you tomorrow.



Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Post 4091 - Tuesday Night Things of Note

 Hello again.

This will be another brief post. We want to hit the road comparatively early in the morning for a day trip. Because we did not to anywhere on Tuesday.

We watched a bunch of stuff on the PVR, including a film shot in Nova Scotia 25 years ago, "Two if by Sea". It starred Denis Leary and Sandra Bullock. Leary had top billing and helped write what I will charitably call the script, and even had a role in producing. He always plays smarmy a-holes. We think it is because he likely is a smarmy a-hole in real life.

It is one of those movies full of unsympathetic characters who try to charm you into liking them, but if you knew such a person in real life you would avoid them at all costs. Leary and Bullock are thieves who stole a rare painting and have to meet up with someone to be paid for the theft. And then the hijinks ensue. 

It was a bit of fun to see the Nova Scotia represented in the film as it was 25 years ago. We recognized a few places here and there.

We will never see this piece of junk again. Leary and Bullock likely will not suggest that their fans check it out, either.

Much more satisfying was this week's episode of "Moonshine", which gets better every week. I am not keeping score, but episode eight must be coming up soon, which would be the season ender. They are either done filming season two, or will be done soon. I am guessing it will run sometime in 2022. No word yet on a season three. Fingers crossed. I hope the show runs for years and years.

It is pushing one in the morning. I think I will turn in so I can get up early so we can hit the road.

See you tomorrow.


Monday, October 18, 2021

Post 4090 - Monday Night Fun Times

After two am. Technically Tuesday.

Slept in yet again on Monday. Getting to be a bad habit, but once again, I think about the decades I got up early to go off to school, or university, or to a job. I am justifying this part of my life, for however much longer I do it. 

We watched a bunch of stuff on the PVR. This week's "American Rust", "Chappelwaite", "Dr. Death", "The Rookie", "Jann", "Bob Hearts Abishola", "Jeopardy!", and maybe even some other stuff.

The chicken thighs Patricia cooked last week were shredded, and put in a frying pan along with pasta sauce and black olives and red peppers and garlic and other things, and heated up to a nice consistency. There is plenty for lunch tomorrow, and I hope that will be that with that.

Tuesday I will likely contact that person I was tipped off to about that thing. We may also do a day trip. Haven't done one for a bit, and getting out of the house will be good for both of us.

I think I will turn in.

See you tomorrow.


Sunday, October 17, 2021

Post 4089 - Sunday Night Things

Hello again.

We spent many hours today watching all episodes of "Squid Game". It is in Korean, with English subtitles, which are in white text and often on a white background, making them very hard to read; but it was a terrific show. We both heartily recommend it.

Other than that, it was a very quiet day around here. I like quiet days. 

Monday is technically here now. I am not sure what plans we have in store, but something or other will pop up.

Eyes are a bit buggy this evening. Things are a bit blurry, so I will turn in and see how things are in the morning.

See you then.


Saturday, October 16, 2021

Post 4088 - Saturday Night Things

 Hello again.

Another quiet day. We went into Bayer's Lake to hang out at Chapters, but did not buy anything, which is unusual to say the least. Perhaps we did not buy anything because we visited a couple of those "Little Small Libraries" in the area and picked up a few books. Like I don't already have enough books.

Checked out Mission Mart for the first time in several months. Patricia got a cashmere-based top, which she would like to wear with a pashmina (also cashmere-based, as you know) whilst reading a book and sipping tea in her favourite chair in the living room. I bought nothing.

We went to Sobeys on the way home, and picked up some food. We also got some TP, as we hear that people are hoarding it again, and we do not want to run out, as we do not have a bidet here at Casa Bevboy. 

We spent the last several hours watching stuff on the PVR, and about half of this week's SNL. When the musical performer came on, we turned off the show as it was the live broadcast and we could not fast forward through it. 

The weekend is half over. What fun things await us on Sunday?

Let's find out.

See you tomorrow.