Thursday, November 29, 2007

Eighteenth Post - Farewell!

No, I am not quitting this blog. You won't be free of me that easily!

Just spoke with my other next door neighbours. They have been renting the other side of the semi for the past few years. Lovely people. They bought a place a couple of streets over from where they are now.

They got sick and tired of putting up with some of the neighbourhood kids. They are right next to a walking path. Local kids stroll by their home, swear at them, throw bottles into their back yard, and go to the playground behind our houses and drink and party and do other things they don't invite me to participate in. Rotten kids!

Just on this side of the firewall, I don't hear much of that stuff at all; and I certainly don't get harrassed by the kids. No, they just break into my home and terrorize the shit out of me. That's enough.

When we sit down with the charming young man who broke into my house this summer, next week, I'll tell him that one of the reasons my neighbours moved was because of how they were treated, and how they had cited him as being a person with whom they did not want to associate. If he has any conscious at all, he will feel like crap about it.

Of course, we are discussing a teenager here. Conscious thought is too much to hope for. Shame and embarrassment are lost on them more often than not.


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