Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Fifteenth Post - Shameless Plug

I mentioned a friend quoted on a dvd I saw recently. He is the publisher of an amazing publication called Shocked and Amazed. I have every issue that's currently in print and am seeking the out of print ones through ebay and where ever I can find them.

Well, I don't have the most recent issue, #9. But I have ordered it through his website.

Here is the skinny:


We let you know about the SHOCKED AND AMAZED! vol.9 tour (which was pretty amazing – even if horribly and exhaustingly hectic!) a week or two back, but, of course, there can be no tour without the thing itself, the thing you’ve waiting for with bated breath, the thing around which your love of variety revolves: Volume 9 of SHOCKED AND AMAZED! is now available!

In its grand & glorious – and new, new, new! – pages, you’ll find:

Blow-out interviews with cover boy Tim “Zamora the Torture King” Cridland, one of the most extreme performers on the planet; Manuel King, billed in his day as “The World’s Youngest Animal Trainer”; and Karen Forsythe, 10-in-1 worker in the old days and once-girlfriend of Popeye!

A major photo essay on the Bros. Grim Sideshow, one of the only old-time 10-in-1 shows, a faithful recreation of the carnival & circus sideshows from the 1930s!

Up close & friendly instructions on how to create your very own fakir act! (Just don’t try this at our house!)

A truly revealing detective tale on tracking the real Joseph Pujol aka Le Petomane, the original fartomaniac!

The tale of “Snake” King, the man who supplied nearly every carnival show in his day with the most exotic animal attractions!

Major pieces on the history of both minstrel & medicine shows!

And the latest installments from NEW editor D.B.Denhotz on the history of Hubert’s museum in NYC; Walt Hudson’s scintillating “Coney Island Baby”; and the rarest of rare pictures of 19th century variety as showcased in “The Strand”!

Hey, it’s a volume as un-PC as we could make it, and it’s all for you. And it’s already being called our best looking – and best reading – volume in the brand’s history, so why don’t your find out for yourself?

And you may see it elsewhere, but go NOWHERE else for you ultimate fix but www.shockedandamazed.com. If you get it somewhere else, well, it just ain’t YOUR best guide to the weird, the bizarre, the strange, the odd and the unusual, your SHOCKED AND AMAZED!

P.S. Blogmeisters & MySpacers & those of you with web sites: Give your friends here at SHOCKED AND AMAZED! a boost and post this info/let all your friends know about SHOCKED AND AMAZED! vol.9 for us? We know a lotta folks, be we sure don’t know everybody YOU do. Just tell ‘em to go to www.shockedandamazed.com. Let us know about how that goes, too, yes?


Bev again. I am privileged to know James Taylor as a neighbour and a friend. When I was away from the cottage last year, Patricia locked herself out; and James, no doubt using skills learned from his years of editing Shocked and Amazed!, kindly entered through the kitchen window (the one replaced this weekend, alas) and let Patricia back in.

If that is not a friend, I don't know what is.

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