Monday, November 26, 2007

Fourteenth Post - The Break-In

The thing I was fighting on Sunday won a conditional victory on Monday, today. Despite many hours of sleep, I was still tired this morning, and still had a headache. Patricia was also not feeling well from the weekend.

We were not going to miss the meeting with the young man's case worker. It was for 8:30, and we both knew it would be a brief meeting.

I had had some questions for the young man that I had asked the case worker to convey to him, and she was kind enough to do so.

The most disturbing question I had, which I had to know the answer to, was: What had he done in my house besides steal my change and my wine? Where had he gone while he was here?

Turns out that he skulked through nearly every room. He was all through this part of the house. He was in this very room where I am typing these words. He was in my laundry room. He was in my rec room. He was two levels up, standing in the threshold of my bedroom, of my bathroom, my library, and my spare bedroom. He was looking for other things to steal quickly, I guess.

I had also asked her to ask him why he had chosen to rip a piece of the door trim/frame out from the wall. She was not successful as he did not really want to answer the question. I will pose it again next week.

Next week is when we meet with the young man along with his parents and 2 facilitators. Oddly enough, I am looking forward to this discussion. I am not sure what will happen, or how it will happen. I have read about this process over the years, and now I get to participate.

I wish that what happened to me had not happened. I still feel vulnerable in my home. I still am not thrilled to see kids hanging out in front of my home. I still worry that when I am at work that something bad could happen here. I worry about a home invasion when I am at home, so I keep every door locked, every window closed, every curtain drawn.

After the meeting was over, we both decided to call in sick, as we both felt like crap. When I got home, I went right to bed, where I remained until about 3 pm. Plan to return to work on Tuesday.


Unknown said...

Sory to hear about the break-in Bev. I had a similar problem way back in 1997. My apartment at grad school was broken into while I was in class. They totally ransacked the place, dumped boxes of stuff, knocked things off shelves. Only took stuff that was easy to move though - a brand new Atari Jaguar video game system, over $100 of movie ticket vouchers I had bought to use for the upcoming re-release of Star Wars (we had friends coming to see it with us), several movies and CDs. Didn't take the checkbook though. And luckily, the engagement ring I had just bought for Gina was in my glove compartment in the car, so it was safe. They never found the culprits as far as I know.

Sorry to hear that Canada isn't the beautiful crime-free paradise I had heard it was.

urquharj said...

When are you going to post about Tony Isabella? I'm dying to know the dirt.

Bevboy said...

I will post about Tony Isabella after I have had a chance to write him and try to make amends. Another poster has asked me to try to do that, and out of respect for him and Tony, I will do so.

You could have just walked over and asked me that, Jane. :-)