Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Seventeeth Post - Tonight's TM Meeting

Tonight's Toastmasters meeting was awesome. Even after 16 years, about 99% of the time I feel more jazzed after a meeting than I do going into one. There have been dozens of times I have dragged my sorry, tired, aching butt to a meeting, and found said butt to be remarkably cured of these afflictions after the meeting was over.

(Toastmasters. Salve for the butt. I can smell an advertising campaign.)

Our guest speaker tonight was Bruce Nunn, better known as Mr. Nova Scotia Know-It-All. He talked about some of his favourite stories about Nova Scotia's past. I am a strong history buff, particularly about local history. Bruce's stories made history compelling in a way that history teachers all too often are unable to accomplish. It is a shame that he no longer produces his columns and pieces for the radio and newspapers (at least on a regular basis), but nothing lasts forever.

AFAIK, our little TM club is the only one (maybe anywhere) that invites people from "the outside world" to come visit us and talk about what they do for a living. These meetings are the icing on the cake, the wd-40 in the works that really makes our club so special. We have been visited by labour leaders, the mayor, the chief of police, the deputy minister of the department of justice, lots of folks from the radio, and now, Bruce Nunn. We are so blessed. We are so lucky. We have the best Toastmasters club around.

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