Friday, November 30, 2007

Twenty-First Post - Ugh!

Pretty fun day at work, like it usually is.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart was a guest on Rick Howe's hotline show today. They were giving away a copy or two of his book. Too hard to get through, so I didn't get a book, there. For all I know, he was on Andrew Krystal's show, too. AK is the type of radio host who loves and lives to hear himself talk. Never lets his guests or callers get a word in edgewise. Halfway through their point, he cuts them off and makes an inappropriate comment. Not a fan.

Anyway, Hart was on CBC radio later on this afternoon, for just a few minutes (he'd been with Rick for an hour). Stephanie Domet announced that she had three copies of his book to give away, and said the phone number (but I already have it speed dialed into my BlackBerry!). I called, got through, and learned that I was the proud winner of a signed copy of Hart's book! Pretty cool.

I picked up the book on my way to the gym for another spin class. Getting used to walking up that steep hill to Brunswick Street. From there, to the radio building, and then to the gym a short distance away.

After the spin class, I got a toy for kid involved with an angel tree program at Patricia's work. Tried to rendezvous with Patricia afterward, but she wasn't where she said she'd be, so I went to food court in he building, famished, and hoping that one of those places would still be open. It was! The chinese food place also serves authentic chinese food, so I ordered the kung pao chicken with rice and made it disappear as fast as I could. Frig, I was hungry after all that walking and cycling today!

Patricia called, wondering where I was. I told her, and she met up with me in the foodcourt, where I bought her some of the same stuff I was enjoying so much.

After that, we walked to the car and agreed that we would quickly check out a couple of stores in the hopes of snagging more toys for her angel tree kids. We went to those 2 stores, dead on our feet, but walked/staggered away with nothing. We know what we'll get, but we were too tired to stand in a line up for 30 minutes to pay for it.

Does that ever happen to you? You walk in a store with the intent of buying something, but become discouraged by the prospect of waiting in a long queue to pay for it, so you leave empty-handed. I find I do that a lot.

When I got home, I began to prepare the fixings for the chicken chili I'm gonna make for the Christmas tree decorating party at my work on Tuesday. I use probably a dozen different types of beans, not just kidney beans. Let 'em soak for a day, and then boil them for 30 minutes or so.

I've been making these chilis for several years; people ask me to make them for parties I go to. I can tell you with certainty and confidence that no two chicken chili's have been alike. They're all good, but they are all a little different. I might throw in a little more spice one time, or a little less next time. Maybe toss in some peaches and cream corn along with all the other veggies and beans and chicken.

The secret? I use boneless, skinless chicken breasts, not ground up chicken. Cut 'em up, cook 'em up (with spices I refuse to post on this blog), and introduce the cooked product to the rest of the ingredients in the chili (tomatoes, veggies, the multitude of beans, onions, etc.). Cook in my crock pot over night, and maybe even into the next day.

This year, trying something a little different. A slightly different approach. People from my work read this blog, so I won't reveal that here, either.

Absolutely exhausted from the exercise today. Will sleep like a log tonight.

Tomorrow, Operation Pantyhose. Operation Twinkletoes. Operation ... Rednose!! Yeah, that's it.

Will try to blog before I head out tomorrow night. Patricia wants to go to the farmer's market, so it may be a challenge. Will do my best. After all, all 3 of you are hanging on every word, huh?


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