Wednesday, December 5, 2007

30th Post - And How Was Your Day?

Slept quite well last night. The meeting with the young man last night actually drained me emotionally, making it easier to sleep for a change. Monday night, the night before this meeting, I was keyed up and unable to nod off.

Of course, the young man now has to perform certain tasks in order to live up to the terms of a contract that we all agreed to. It is our hope that he performs them with a certain degree of, if not professionalism, then at least not in a sullen, perfunctory manner.

One thing that he offered to do was shovel my driveway. I am capable, thanks; but this morning, furiously trying to burrow my way out of my driveway, I wish I had taken him up on his offer.

Toastmasters tonight. Second last meeting of 2007. Last meeting on the 12th, and then a Christmas party on the 16th. Just hope that my house hasn't been burned down by the time I get home. Teenagers, you know.

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