Wednesday, December 5, 2007

32nd Post - Paula Gallant Update

When I was preparing a post on Monday night, I had to check out something about the Paula Gallant case, so I googled her name. One of the entries was for a website about Paula.

If you go to the website now, it is counting down to midnight tonight (local time), at which time it goes live one presumes. I do not know what the content will be. My best guess is that it will be a tribute to her, along with providing updates on her murder case.

(You will recall that Paula Gallant was the elementary school teacher whose body was found in the trunk of her car parked in the parking lot of the school where she taught. )

If nothing else, it is interesting how persistent this case has been, how pervasive the coverage has been. Just as it seems to leave the papers or news broadcasts, something happens to bring it back to the fore.

The school where she taught is close to my home. She lived one street over from me. I did not know her, but I know people who did. I have heard the same rumours you probably have, assuming you live around my neighbourhood and listen attentively enough.

This blog is not the place to air these rumours. Rumours are like cookies: Irresistible, but crumble under close inspection. Nobody has been charged with her murder. People have been questioned, but nobody has been charged.

In early 2006, I began receiving calls and entreaties from the police asking me to call them with any information I might have about the case. I played phone tag with them for a while, but eventually spoke to an investigating officer. I mentioned that I heard and saw nothing that evening pursuant to the Paula Gallant case. I told him that I didn't want to keep wasting his time when he could be chasing down actual leads. He did say something that might indicate the possibility that a person may have escaped via a walkway that is fairly close to my home, but once again, I did not see or hear anything that evening that might lead the officers to reach that firm conclusion.

The CBC evening news in Nova Scotia tonight will discuss the murder case. I am guessing that the website will be mentioned at length, along with a list of what will be on the website. Too bad I won't be home until late. I may tape it early tomorrow and watch it tomorrow night.

Looking forward to checking out that new website, though.

Time for my TM meeting!

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