Thursday, December 6, 2007

33rd Post - Long, long day, and watch your driving!

Worked all day, to get you money to buy you things.

Went to a downtown store during lunch today to buy Patricia her main Christmas present. Showed it to a woman at work, who thought it was pretty cool. This woman reads this blog, so hi, Jane! Patricia also reads this blog from time to time, so there is no way in heck I will mention here what I got her. But it is something I would never buy for myself. Not too many men would, actually.

Had a meeting with a colleague after lunch. After work, I had to go pick up Patricia at a shopping center, where she had had a medical appointment. I was late getting to her, and thought she might be upset with me or be bored from having had to wait so long. I said as such to her, but then I said: "Wait a minute. You're a woman in a shopping mall. Why would you be bored?" She nodded, and another woman a few feet away smiled knowingly.

I was pretty much ready to go home at that point. I was tired from a long week. But Patricia wanted to go to the jewellery stores in the mall, and one in particular. Jesus, what is it about jewellery and women? If I never walk into another such store as long as I live, I'll be happy. They tried to show me things that she was interested in, "to give me ideas for future presents". Like I'm gonna spend 2K on diamond earrings for anybody. The day I spend that kind of money on earrings, there had better be a 42" plasma tv attached.

We eventually left, and went to a local Wal-Mart, where I had to get some keys cut. On the way home, on the Bay Road, the entrance to Bayers Lake (you know, by the Tim Hortons and Wendys?), we came across a major accident. At least two cars were totalled and there were injuries. Took us several minutes to get in a left turning lane onto the 103, because the Bay Road heading to Beechville was impossible to access.

Got Patricia home, but then called a local snow plow dude to clear her driveway. Finally, lord all mighty finally!, got home a few minutes ago.

There was a call from the boy's case worker asking me how much detail I'd like on his progress. I'll call her back saying I do want to hear about the milestones he achieves and to express my concern about something that happened in the meeting that I can't get into here.

Enigmatic little bastard, aren't I?


urquharj said...

MY name in YOUR blog?!? I'm sure to be famous!! :-D

Bevboy said...

Just the first name!


pineapple said...

You should be so lucky to consider buying diamond earrings for somebody. What jewellry is for women, plasma tv's is to (childish) men. Notice you went to Wal-mart afterwards--more you style and price range, right?