Monday, December 10, 2007

36th Post - My Weekend, Part Two, and Cleaning Up!

Saturday night, my dad and I started to watch "Casino Royale", the newest Bond flick, on the dvd player I bought them a few years ago. I buy them these things because I want them to have them, plus when I visit them, I want to be able to watch a dvd or a vhs tape, or whatever. I am self-serving.

I was bushed from all the shopping with my mother Friday and having driven my dad around all afternoon Saturday. Went to bed at such an early hour that one might think I was 63 rather than "just" 43. Slept for more hours than I had a right to.

Sunday, I prepared lunch with my mother. It was a casserole containing organic chicken leftovers from Saturday. Remind me to put the recipe here some day. Maybe one of the 4 people who read this blog can ask for it. Yeah, feedback on this brog would be nice, people!!

Returned to the city after lunch, and Patricia was here. She was cleaning in the kitchen, and admonished me for my lack of cleanliness with respect to, well, everything. She asked the question, "What do you think that kid thought as he prowled through your house? That you were a slovenly person given to clutter and disorganization?"

I allowed that what he thought might have crossed my mind, but quickly rejoined with a comment that what passed through the dear boy's mind mattered little to me. I am much more concerned about the variety of peanut butter I purchase, the flavour of toothpaste I covet, the type of paper towels popular in Des Moines, Iowa, than I cared about what that young man thought. About anything.

But, my betrothed has a point. I need to clean up here more. I got home late again, tonight, but will take some time later on this week to vacuum, and clean, and perhaps even wash the dishes that pile up in the sink like a cereal-encrusted Leaning Tower of Pisa.

More later.

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