Monday, December 10, 2007

37th Post - Early Christmas Prezzy

So, some boys at work got new BlackBerrys recently. Next to theirs, my BlackBerry looked so... small. Puny. Not good enough. It just provides e-mail, phone, calendar synced with my work one, a browser and a bunch of other things. The new one, the 8130, offers all that, plus a few bags of chips. GPS. Built-in camera capable of shooting and playing video. MP3 storage and playback (via stereo headphones). More options I don't know about yet. And it is much smaller and lighter than the one I already had.

Oh, this one also has voice-activated phone dialing. I can say, "Call Mom and Dad", presumably, and it will call the local pizza place, or maybe my parents. I'll keep you up-to-date on that little feature!

I wrote some people in the office, asking if I might be eligible for an upgrade. Six minutes later, I heard that I was. I selected the 8130. When I came back from lunch, there was a voice mail waiting for me that my BB was available for pick up! I got it after work.

Went to Odyssey 2000 during that lunch hour and picked up my books. It is their 30th anniversary. On Sheldon's birthday, he has a special deal only announced a few days in advance. This year, today only, you would get 30% off the American price off stuff. And, he had a table of items for 60% off! I got a book that originally retailed for $28 Canadian and which cost about $20 American, for less than $7.50. I wish his birthday were every day. He'd be out of business in a month, but it would be pretty good month for his customers!

I also got a book that retails for $75U.S. for just over $50. The Canadian price is still crazy high. Don't have it in front of me or I'd quote it for you. Probably $90 or so. And, it is the first printing, sealed. I can try to flip it on ebay after the holidays.

Or, maybe, I'll try to flip it before the holidays!


Went to Wal*Mart after work to replace a shoelace that my cat gnawed or something. Tried to put on the shoe this morning, only to discover that half the lace was gone. Was there last week at work. Maybe a rat at work gnawed it off.


After Wal*Mart, we went to dinner at a place that opened last year and had received high marks from friends of ours. Redwood Grill on Lacewood Drive. Pretty good place. Check it out.

Got home about an hour ago. Fed the cat and have spend most of the last hour blogging. I guess I should have been vacuuming or something, huh?

Have a good night!

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