Tuesday, December 11, 2007

38th Post - Paul Anka

Just got home from the Paul Anka concert at the Halifax Metro Centre. I got the tickets from a silent auction at work. $184 value that I got for $75. Not too shabby.

I don't know about you, the millions of you who hang on my every word, but I have never really appreciated Paul Anka's music. I have always thought of it as kinda schmaltzy, Vegas-style tunes that had a cheese factor. But the tickets were comparitively cheap, and I did like some of his songs, so we went after a really nice dinner at the Mongolie Grill on Granville Street.

God, we had a wonderful time at the concert! I found myself singing along to these 50 year old songs, laughing silly at some of the goofy jokes, usually the ones he made at his own expense, and just enjoying myself far, far more than I ever thought I would.

The highlight for me was probably "Do I Love You?". The uptempo version was played so much on CJCH over the years that it began to grow on me to the point where I would turn the radio up when Brian and Deb played it in the mornin', or the automated computer software would play it after the Hotline was over. Tonight, he did the song as a slow, slow standard, just him and his piano initially, although a sax player came out toward the end of the tune. Chills up and down my spine, tearing up, we all gave him a standing o.

It was a full two hour show. Worth every penny.

I'm now a Paul Anka fan. I had no idea he wrote songs for Tom Jones (he wrote "She's a Lady"), Buddy Holly ("It Doesn't Matter Anymore") and Chicago, and so many others.

He doesn't need the money. He could have just stayed home and counted his cash. But I have to respect someone who is his age, who has his kind of money, who still works that hard on stage, and still gives the impression that he wants to impress his audience.

If he comes back to Halifax, I'll pay full price next time!

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