Wednesday, December 12, 2007

40th Post - Last Toastmasters Meeting of 2007

Subject pretty much says it all: Tonight's TM meeting was the last one of 2007. We focused on mentorship this evening, making sure that all new members have a big brother or big sister to oversee their development in the club.

We have been in this meeting space since January. We are so blessed to have such an excellent meeting space for free in downtown Halifax. Since we lost the space with our previous corporate sponsor, we were very much concerned about what we would do next. Well, we needn't worry. We have a meeting space there for, one hopes, a good long time to come.

After last week's meeting, several of us stayed back for 40 minutes or so and labelled and stuffed envelopes for a member who works at our meeting space. It was our way of thanking them for letting us meet there for free. She and the sales staff were so grateful (we had saved her a couple of hours work on her own) that they provided us with coffee, tea, water and cookies for tonight's meeting. Everything is prepared in that building by highly-skilled chefs and cooks, so we had a huge treat tonight!

Drove home that member tonight and then to Patricia's for a few minutes before coming home. The snow had melted enough in my driveway that I could shovel it again, so I did that for a few minutes. I am happy to be able to come home at a relatively early hour. It means I can watch this week's episode of "Dexter" through Eastlink's on demand feature, or perhaps pick up that book I started a few days ago.

You see: This blog is starting to live up to its name. It really is the most boring blog in Canada.

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