Wednesday, December 12, 2007

41st Post - I Friggin' Love My New BlackBerry!

How did I ever get along without a BlackBerry in general? And, how did I ever get along without this new one, the 8130, Pearl 2?

I am a left-handed dude. The old one, with the trackwheel on the right hand side of the unit, was awkward to use. I used to hold the BB in such a way that the forefinger of my left hand operated the trackwheel, which made people think it was uncomfortable for me, but in point of fact it felt more natural for me than to hold and use it with my right hand.

This new BB has a trackball in the middle of the unit, right on top, where God would want it. I can decide which hand to use to roll it around. And, Patricia told me why it is called the Pearl: The trackball looks like an actual pearl. How would I, a guy from rural Nova Scotia, have ever known that? We don't have pearls down there! We have girls, and some of them like pearls, but you'll never find a pearl down there. Nossir!

(And, no, these girls didn't date me when I was single! I had... baggage! I was too... literal! I had all my teeth! I had a job. But I am not bitter!)

The new one also is much smaller than the old one. It holds a battery charge far longer, too (it is at 65% after more than a day of use of the phone, gps, e-mail, picture takin', and so on). I am not quite used to the keyboard yet; the keyboard is curved and a little more hard to type on than my previous BB. I'll get used to it. It's only my second day of using the thing.

There is a woman in my Toastmasters club who works for another department, and who highly coveted my previous BlackBerry. I am not sure how she'll react when she sees this one. Hee hee!

So, do I watch "Dexter" tonight, or read some of that book?

Book, I guess. This guy Steve Berry is growing on me. Check out his website at: If you like action adventure novels, he's a good choice.


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