Sunday, December 16, 2007

43rd Post - My Weekend

Haven't had a chance to post in the last couple of days. Sorry to have disappointed my many legions of fans.

Friday afternoon, Patricia had her Christmas party with her work. I hung around after my own work to wait until she was available. I used that time to clean up my work space a little bit, but I am by no means finished. I am the kind of guy who hates to throw out anything. Anything! I never know when I may need something, you see, so it is a challenge for me to get rid of anything.

But my work station only has 3 drawers. One of them holds my gym gear. I have an overhead storage unit, but that can't hold much, either. I have 2 computers on my desk: My own (a laptop), and that of the person who used to occupy my position. About 6 months ago, I went through her old computer, trying to find some stuff on it that might be useful to my present position. Didnt find much. Lilia did a good job removing her old files.

I realize, understand, and appreciate that the procedure is now to relinquish the old pc, to let it live out its final days in some government warehouse, where it might be sold as a crown asset after having had its hard drive wiped clean. Happens all the time.

Yet, having become part of the topography of my desk, I find it hard to let it go. I am used to not having that part of my desk to work on; and not having the computer there would look odd to me.

I keep a Far Side calendar on the cpu, and I am accustomed to tearing off the next page each day and taking a moment to try to understand how I ever found The Far Side to be funny in the first place. So far, I have not had much luck. Thank goodness I didn't spring for the Compleat Far Side Hardcover a couple of years ago, the huge coffee table book reprinting every single Far Side cartoon, with accompanying commentary and dialogue by Gary Larson himself. Not only would I have wasted my money, but the sheer boredom associated with reading through it might have been too much for me to bear.

Anyway, I do not have the luxury of storing endless computers in my work area. I will give up this old computer over the holidays.

After work on Friday, we went to get a few groceries and then to our respective homes, where I tackled my laundry and turned in early.

More to come.

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