Sunday, December 16, 2007

44th Post - Rumour? Maybe not.

I read the headlines in from time to time. If the headline interests me, I read the article.

There were two articles about radio station CJCH that bear a little closer scrutiny.

The first one deals with the cancelation of "Just Between Us", the woman's radio show produced here in Halifax and broadcast on CJ and on a radio station in B.C. The show was pulled from the schedule a couple of weeks ago. The link has now been pulled from CJCH's website ( and any reference to it stricken from the public record.

I have always wondered about this. When someone leaves a radio station, or a program is canceled, that person or that program is just gone, with no explanation whatsoever. People are just left wondering if that person or thing ever existed at all, or if the person or thing was just a product of an overactive imagination or perhaps something more troubling.

In the case of "Just Between Us", I do happen to know a little bit more about why the show is no longer on the air. The reasons have little or nothing to do with lack of managerial support and more to do with simple dollars and cents, and the economic realities of running an AM radio station in 2007 in Halifax.

I do hope that the show manages to return in some form. And it would be nice if someone could announce on the air why the show is gone. In the absence of the truth, people are left to speculate, even natter, about why it is gone.

Listeners are owed that much.

The other article, I'll discuss in my next post.


Unknown said...

We had a similar incident here at the local classic rock station just a few weeks ago. 2/3 of the afternoon team was shifted to mornings, while the third (the actual creative and funny one) was shuffled away never to be heard from or spoken of again.

Bevboy said...

Always good to hear from you, Joe.

Please, spread the word of this blog. Tried to advertise it with one of the search engines a few weeks ago and got nowhere.

Will never understand why people are just gone from a radio station or even a tv station, and never referred to again.