Sunday, December 16, 2007

45th Post - Another rumour? One hopes so!

The other article I want to discuss for a moment from the website concerns the future of Rick Howe's Hotline on CJCH.

I discussed this a couple of weeks ago on this weblog. I am a little surprised that Frank Magazine and halifax live are only getting around to talking about it now. But the CRTC decision regarding CJ's inevitable flip to the FM dial does not explicitly include the Hotline and the Halifax Mooseheads games survival on this "new" radio station.

I have since managed to find CHUM's proposal to the CRTC, many documents to wade through. There is what I would call an expectation of performance, where CHUM expected that the Hotline, the Mooseheads games, and "Just Between Us" would have a place on the FM dial.

However, the fact remains that "Just Between Us" is now, at least for the time being, gone. And there is only speculation, based upon reading the CRTC decision, that the Hotline and the Mooseheads games will not make the grade.

If you read the Hotline blog, you'll see the show's producer, Amber, thank Hotline listeners for making this show the number one show in Halifax. Not sure what that means, actually. Does it mean that there is no other radio program in this market, AM or FM, music or talk, that has a larger audience than Rick's? If so, than it would be silly or even foolish for CJ to cancel this show, and in essence deliver its audience to Andrew Krystal, who is listened to by nearly nobody.

Anyway, as I wrote in my previous post, this is all speculation. I wish to God that someone from the radio station would assuage listeners' worries and tell us we have nothing to worry about. That the program on which I proposed to Patricia last year will be on the air for many, many years to come.

Wanna take a bet we'll not see such an announcement?

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