Wednesday, December 19, 2007

49th Post - Why I Didn't Write on Tuesday Night

Well, I had been having problems sleeping. Not last night! I slept like a log, going to bed earlier than the oldest old man you could name.

Word of this blog is beginning to spread. There must be, what, 8 of you reading this every day? Days I don't post, people ask me why. It feels good, knowing that there are people hanging on every word here.

Well, can we talk about this evening?

I bought a dvd recorder the other week. Just figuring it out now. It is from Panasonic, which means that A) It should be of good quality; and B) The manual is written in English by way of Japanese to Swahili to Gaelic. Manual is nearly incomprehensible. It is a good thing that the user interface is intuitive enough that someone from the Annapolis Valley can figure out how to use this, because I have been through this manual more times than ...


(You'll be disappointed if I can't come up with a funny analogy. Give me a moment)

than... Britney Spears has been through coke spoons?

than... oh, to hell with it!

I have managed to copy a couple of vhs tapes for a guy in the States who likes Dr. Who as it is broadcast on the CBC. The show also runs on the Sci Fi channel in the States, but apparently the broadcasts are edited to accommodate more commercials. He covets the Canadian broadcasts. I am only to happy to make him happy, because he in turn records shows off the American History channel for me.

Have I ever told you how much the Canadian History channel sucks? It sucks scissors, man. If a show takes place more than three weeks ago, it is potential fodder for that channel. Three hours of their broadcast day are devoted to CSI:NY for goodness' sake. The CRTC finally intervened after viewer complaints, and have forced the History Channel in Canada to remove CSI:NY from their schedule. The channel hired a lawyer to argue why the show should be there, but the CRTC (and common sense) won for a change. I just wonder what they'll replace CSI:NY with? What wonderful historical programming will takes its place on the schedule?

The Flintstones?

The Beverly Hillbillies?

Hogan's Heroes?

More later.

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