Thursday, December 20, 2007

51st Post - Conspicuous Consumption

How was YOUR day?

Had no time for breakfast. With my car still stuck in my driveway, and not being able to find someone with a snowplow to fix me up, I am taking the bus to Patricia's place in the morning.

Never had time for anything to eat until I ran to the banking machine at 10 to get some cash. I bought a snack there, which sustained me until our annual Christmas luncheon, at which I consumed something greasy and afterward waddled back to work. When I got there, there was an e-mail saying that there was plenty of leftover food in a boardroom and that we could help ourselves while quantities lasted. I made my way to this boardroom, sampled some wares, and realized that I was about one wafer away from severe embarrassment. I crawled out of there and made my way back to my office.

Crap, I gotta go back to the gym soon. I am working through the holidays, so there is no reason why I cannot hit the gym a couple of times next week. And by posting this resolution here, that means I must now go forward and do it.

After work, we went to Costco. I need a micro sd card for my BlackBerry, but they didn't have any there. They had every other time of storage medium there short of 8 inch floppy disks, but not what I needed. Ditto for Staples, too, at least the sale items (not going to pay 80 dollars for a 2 gig micro sd card!). I'll check out another store tomorrow.

I did get the first two volumes of the Complete Peanuts by Charles Schulz, though. He drew that strip from 1950 until his death 50 years later. The latter years were not terribly entertaining, and neither were the first several as Schulz found his footing and worked out the kinks. Fantagraphics Books is gradually reprinting every single Peanuts strip, a project they have been working on for several years, with many more years to go. The company has had some tough financial times in recent years, and seeing nearly-remaindered Peanuts collections does not fill me with confidence for their future. However, perhaps Costco made such a good deal with them that these sales will sustain them and help them complete this important work.

The books look great, by the way. Even though the art is crude, and the characters are not refined yet, the actual reproduction is first class. I used to read other Peanuts paperback reprints when I was just a young fart (those books skipped many key strips), and look forward to re-reading some of these classic strips again.

And, just maybe, I'll go back to Costco on Friday and get one or two more of these double volume sets. At a price way below what it sells for in the United States, it is too hard to resist!

If you need further impetus to consider buying these volumes, it may help you to know that the covers to the entire series are being done by a Canadian! Goes by the name of Seth. If memory serves, he has grandparents on Prince Edward Island.

Tomorrow: More shopping. My quest for a micro sd card. The Mongolie Grill. And, maybe, just maybe, my car will be freed from its icy prison and I won't have to rely on public transit or Patricia's 1997 Toyota to get around. I have standards, you know!

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