Saturday, December 22, 2007

55th Post - Free at Last!

My car is free from the driveway!

Starting around 9 this morning, I chipped away at the ice and snow at the front of the driveway. I'd chip a little, shovel away at what I had chipped, apply a little more salt to what was left, and repeat the process. Took short breaks along the way as I got tired. Had a radio on the car to keep me entertained and occupied as I worked. That radio helped the time go by much faster.

Two and a half hours later, I felt I could drive my car out of the driveway. So, I did. I went to the Superstore in Tantallon to get the fixings for the dip I make for the family every year. I'll provide the recipe in a little bit.

At the Superstore, they had tremendous deals on a couple of items. For instance, they had Christmas wreaths, medium size, regularly $19.99 for ... 50 cents! Don't know what happened there. Maybe they had far too many in stock or something. I got two. The one I picked up a couple of weeks ago had been "cooked" on my metal front door, so I tossed it a couple of days ago. Nice to get another one so cheap. And the spare one I got today is on my front deck. It may be deployed to the front, door, too, if the one I put on the door today gets fried, too.

The line ups at Superstore were crazy long. Took nearly 20 minutes to get to a cashier to pay for this stuff.

Got home, exhausted from the effort it took to clear the driveway, plus the grocery store excursion. Napped most of the afternoon.

I will have a busy night. I will at least begin wrapping what I have got people for the holidays. And I will also prepare that dip. Here is the recipe:

2 cups of plain yogurt
2 cups of sour cream
1 cucumber, diced, and seeded and drained.
1 package of vegetable soup mix.
Dill weed to taste
Other spices like garlic if you want to.
I throw in a little hot red pepper spice for a bit of a kick.

Mix everything together in a big enough bowl and let the flavours mingle and get to know each other for a day or so.

People in the family ask me, even expect me, to make this every year. They take home their share. I might have a few chips worth if I am lucky.

Have to work tomorrow, Sunday. Will have to get up really early to do what I do best, and then undo what I undo best several hours later. Not how I planned to spend my December 23rd, but at it does pay double time, so I am not complaining.

More later.

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