Sunday, December 23, 2007

57th Post - Working on a Sunday

Got up at 5 30 this morning to go to work. Luckily working for me meant just going downstairs to my study for a few hours and logging to my work computer from home

7 hours later I was done. Took a nap afterward. Also wrapped Christmas prezzies today

Bundled up some true crime books to take into a used bookstore tomorrow for trade. Keeping a very few that I still want to read. However most p these books I never read. Terrible waste of money. But very few book today at least at full retail. Who does but a lot of new books nowadays?

I will trade these books for other ones alas. But it will be a smaller pile of books than I am takigh in tomorrow

Just working a half day tomorrow. Off work until Thursday the 27th.

Posting from BlackBerry again. Very convenient

Have a good one


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