Monday, December 24, 2007

58th post - Christmas Eve

Long day. Blogging from my parents

Worked this morning. Had breakfast with Patricia making us a few minutes late. Childrens party at work so lots of kids roaming around. Little anklebiters

Cashed in vast majority of true crime books. Many used book stores will not accept this disreputable genre but this one does. Pretty much doubled their selection today

Thought I might get a little more for them. But I am glad to be rid of these books. 100 times more selective in what I buy now

After work went home to pack and leave lots of food and water for the cat. Left him at the house until tomorrow night. Miss him. Will spend Boxing Day with him

Had to shoo kids off property today. The nerve of them

Got to parents around 5 pm. We all had fishcakes prepared by parents

Our tradition is to open 1 present Christmas eve. I got a package containing a saw a nice box cutter and a small square. Much appreciated

Patricia opened the sudoku unit

Sister got her exotic cocoa mixes

Mom got coasters

Dad got a puzzle from me

Other sister who reads this blog came by with her family and daughters bf

Watched worst Christmas jobs in history and Larry king

Will get up by 8 tomorrow to unwrap prezzies

Miss my cat. Wonder what he is doing right now? And is some jag off kid hanging around my property?

Time for sleep

Merry Christmas!


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