Tuesday, December 25, 2007

59th Post - Merry Christmas!!

Hope you had a nice Christmas, my legions of fans.

What did I get? Some clothes. My dad made me a toolbox to hold the tools he and Mom bought me: a saw, a level, and a carpenter's square (or maybe it was a boomerang; or maybe it was a giant letter "L" for when I teach my cat Newbie to read).

Patricia got me some stuff for when I cook. Perhaps she was dropping me a hint.

Got a couple of paperback books. One is by Richard Laymon, a horror novelist whose work I recently discovered and want to check out. Too bad he died in 2001. But he wrote 30+ novels so it would take me a long time to track down and read those books, should I choose to do so.

Got some blank cd's for burning podcasts and stuff on to. Blank cd's, which have a much lower storage capacity, cost so much more today than single layer blank dvd's. Doesn't make sense to little old me.

I gave my dad an electric staple gun and every size staple I could find. Also gave him a more advanced puzzle than the one he's been playing with for several months now. He has already solved it once.

Gave Mom gift certificates for a restaurant in Halifax that they like, along with a year subscription to Frank Magazine and six months free cable television.

Gave my older sister a couple of books on cleaning, along with cleaning supplies. Not trying to drop her a hint. She is just about the hardest person in the world to buy for.

Somebody once asked Mother Theresa, just what she owned. She shrugged her shoulders and replied that she had a couple of robes, a bucket, and perhaps a mop. My sister is about as hard to buy for as Mother Theresa must have been.

Gave Patricia, among other things, a sudoku game, a free manicure and pedicure, and the complete Gilmore Girls on dvd. All 153 episodes of that show. Long time readers of this blog may recall that I had bought this for her a few weeks ago.

We ate too much for Christmas dinner. I had to nap for an hour or so this afternoon. We came back to the city around 6pm. Got back here around 7:45. I had put out 3 food bowls for my cat, and three bowls of water, expecting this food to last him just from yesterday afternoon until this evening. All three food bowls were empty! He is not a cat. He is a pig!

Fed him anyway.

Long day. Probably should go to bed.


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