Friday, December 28, 2007

61st Post - More Overtime!

I swilled a large double-double tonight because I have to work more overtime this evening. Around midnight, I have to log on and do what I do best. Afterward, around 1:30 tomorrow morning, I must reverse that procedure, and undo what I undo best.

Rather than go to bed for a few hours, and be groggy upon waking up at 11:55, I am going to persevere and stay awake until this is all over.

I didn't write last evening because there wasn't much to talk about, really. I went to work on the bus, because the forecast had been so dire. We had at best a little skiff of a storm, barely enough to make the roads greasy. But I was stuck. I took the bus home last night, too. On that bus, about half way home, the boy got on the bus. You know, the charming young man who broke into my house this summer.

I don't get it. Why are his parents allowing him to roam around like the Wandering Jew? He should be at school (which is out this week), or at his weekend job (and it wasn't the weekend). He should be otherwise at home serving penitence. He should be home writing me that letter of apology that was promised to me as part of his contract, the one we all signed, and to which he must adhere on pain of his case being reverted to the court system. He shouldn't be out shopping, running the roads, hanging out with his dumb ass buddies.

I still get freaked out that he lives so close to me. I still have difficult nights in this home by myself. I still feel vulnerable here. Meanwhile, "Raffles" gets to do whatever he wants.

(If you don't know what I mean by "Raffles", check out the wikipedia entry.)

I still hope that the boy makes something of himself. However, I am dubious. I am not of the opinion that that is a likely scenario. He should feel like absolute crap for what he did to me, and allegedly others in the neighbourhood. Instead, he seems cavalier and exudes a disregard for what he did to me and his family.

I have a couple of hours to kill before I have to do what I do best. I'll post more in a bit.


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