Friday, December 28, 2007

62nd Post - Friggin' Gilmore Girls!

On Thursday, at lunch time, I made my way to the retail outlet that services those of us who have BlackBerries. I had ordered a holster for it a few weeks ago, but it hadn't arrived yet. Someone told me I should go there anyway and see if it might be there. That sometimes the staff there do not remember to call when an ordered item arrives.

So I did.

Patricia and I went there yesterday. Sure enough, the holster had arrived. I took possession of it, a little disappointed that they had not called me when it had come in. Who knows how long it had been there? Oh, well. Not worth getting upset over.

Afterward, Patricia and I sat outside the store and gazed lovingly into each other's eyes.

No, we didn't.

We talked.

No, we didn't.

She talked, and I listened.

No, we didn't.

She talked, and I heard some of it.

More like it!

After a few minutes of these pleasantries, she got to her point. She asked if she could return one of the gifts I had given her. "Gee", I thought. "Which one would that be?"

"The Gilmore Girls?", I offered.



I guess we need a little background here. Several years ago, I gave my parents a coffee maker. Mom's birthday, I think. I went to considerable expense to get them a nice one. I bought them some good quality coffee.

I was there when she got the gift. She opened it up, regarded it, and the look on her face, on my father's face, on my older sister's face, was all the same. Not quite disgust, but a look that said, "What the Hell were you thinking, giving us this?"

I was crushed. They drink that instant coffee crap, not fit for human consumption. I thought, naively it turned out, that they might appreciate a coffee maker and real coffee.

I was not prepared for the criticism from every corner. I can't remember if my younger sister inveighed against me for my poor gift choice, but everyone else sure did. I was made to feel like crap. I returned the item, and the coffee went to Patricia, I think. I bought Mom something more suitable. I have long since forgotten what that was, but at least I wasn't pilloried that time.

Anyway, Patricia knew all about that time. I told her all about it. How much it had hurt me. In that light, in that context, she was very timid about asking if she could return that dvd boxed set. She had seen the show, liked it, but it was no longer on the air, and she had no interest in sitting down to watch all 153 episodes over and over.

I paid a fair amount of money for that boxed set. It was her main gift. I didn't want that money to be wasted. I wanted that outlay of cash to result in a gift that would make her go "wow", not "ehhhh!".

So, I was not upset that she wanted to return the item. I found the receipt last evening and we returned it today. They credited my debit card, and this afternoon I extracted the cash from my bank account and gave it to her.

What does she want? And what is she getting?

Well, that's for the next post, you silly person you!


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