Friday, December 28, 2007

63rd Post - Patricia's Replacement Gift

(Please read post 62 if you haven't already read it. It reveals important plot information that you need in order to follow this post)

So, today, I approached a co-worker. I remarked that it was snowing outside her window. She looked out her window and agreed that it was, indeed, snowing outside her window. I am very good at small talk.

I also noticed that she was eating lebkuchen. German cookies. She agreed that she was, in point of fact, eating lebkuchen. I guess I should capitalize it, as German nouns are always capitalized.


(Should be an umlaut over the "u", but one can't have everything. If someone knows how to add foreign characters to these blogs, let me know)

We talked some more. She mentioned that her father had been a master baker, and had taught baking at a local community college. He had passed in January, and was selling off some of his gear through kijiji. It was a Kitchen Aid professional grade mixer. Barely used.

I remembered that Patricia had been wanting such an item. She had been hoping I'd get her one for Christmas, instead of the thrice-accursed Gilmore Girls boxed set, collecting all 153 episodes under one roof.

I was shown the item on kijiji. I called Patricia and Andrea sent her the e-mail link.

They spoke later on this morning. Agreed to a price. And agreed to rendezvous this weekend so that Patricia can take possession of it.

It was so fortuitous, almost kismet, that we would talk this morning. That the subject would turn to her father. That she would mention she was trying to sell this device. And that Patricia would want this very item. And that she would yield nearly enough money from the return of the Gilmore Girls boxed set to pay for this item.

Two more hours to kill before I have to do what I do best.


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