Saturday, December 29, 2007

64th Post - The Day After the Night Before (And Morning of)

I worked until 4 this morning. Started at midnight, finished at 4. After work, I fed the cat and took my greenbin to the curb, along with my recycleables. And, after that, I went to bed.

It was an interesting evening. My cat, Newbie, was with me nearly the whole time. When I was here in my office, he would more often than not be by my feet, staring up at me, as if to say, "Hey! It's way past your bedtime, human! Pay attention to me now!" I kept explaining to him that he was an expensive cat. I buy him the highest quality food I can find. He gets his shots, even though he is exclusively an indoor cat. Those things all cost money, and if I can make a little extra coin to provide him with better care and food and scratching posts, then that is an opportunity that I will take.

Slept until around 10:30. I was just starting to wake up when Patricia called, wanting to know how things had gone. She wanted to get groceries and be home in time to beat the storm, and I decided to tag along, if she did the driving.

We went to the store, and she dropped me off here. That was shortly after 1pm. Nearly 5 hours later, I am here. Spent part of the afternoon sleeping, and most of the rest of it catching up on this season's episodes of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" through video on demand. Fed Newbie again, and here I am.

There will be a shift change in a week, so I won't be on call for 2 weeks. That should coincide with the next overtime to take place. My backup will get those hours. He is welcome to them.

Long night, quiet after afternoon. Will turn in early tonight.

May post later. Kinda tired.


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