Monday, December 31, 2007

65th Post - Catching UP

Didn't have a chance to write yesterday. Patricia and I met with the woman from work who was selling the Kitchen Aid mix set. Afterward, we all had dinner at a local Tex-Mex place. We had sworn off the place a couple of years ago; last night, it was much better. We'll go back there again, sometime.

Andrea is tossing in a few Grohmann knives. Grohmann knives! Does anyone reading this know how great these knives are? And that they're a Nova Scotia product? A Pictou County product at that? We drive past the Grohmann knives outlet and factory many times every year when we are in the town of Pictou. It's usually when we're on our way to Sharon's Place for a great meal.

Patricia is at the house right now, cookin' a New Year's Eve free range chicken dinner for us. We're going to stay in tonight and watch the new year come in, assuming I don't fall asleep before midnight, that is. We'll watch movies either on tape, a recently-burned dvd, or the video on demand option that Eastlink provides.

Speaking of which, Movie Pix will be running nearly all of Stanley Kubrick's films in January. Stuff going back to the 1950's. Most of them, maybe even all of them, will be in full-screen mode. A pox on full screen films on the movie channels! I know that the people behind the movie channels have no control over the films they receive; the vast majority of these films are in full screen mode because that is the way they're provided by the movie studios.

Anyway, I haven't seen many of these Kubrick films, either ever, or for a very long time. I fondly recall "Full Metal Jacket". I saw it in theatres. In January, I'll find out if I still like it. And, maybe, I'll be able to stay awake during "Eyes Wide Shut" this time.

I'll try to blog again tonight.



Unknown said...

Glad she got something she really wanted. I know how you feel about giving something someone doesn't really want. I've been there a few too many times as it is.
Happy New Year!

Bevboy said...

Happy new year to you, too, Joe!!

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