Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Twenty-Eighth Post - The Boy

Well, at long last, and this late, I am home from the restorative justice thing with the boy who broke into my house.

I have agreed not to discuss the details via any method. What happened in that room tonight, pretty much must stay in that room. I will just state that I feel much better having met with him, and having discussed with him what he did to me that night in August. He signed a contract to do certain things, by a certain date. It is my hope, and everyone's hope actually, that he will do these things and move forward, becoming a productive member of society.

I am naive enough, perhaps foolish enough, to believe the best in people. I wish the young man well, and will avidly look forward to the successful completion of his contract.

Got home very late. Cat mad at me. Should spend time with him.


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