Saturday, December 1, 2007

Twenty-Second Post - The End of an Era

CJCH radio, 920 on the AM dial, is switching to the FM band.

Read about it here.

While I can't stop progress, and won't even try, I am concerned about the apparent loss of spoken word content on CJ. Rick Howe's Hotline broadcasts 3.5 hours each week day. There is a live call-in home renovation show on Saturday mornings. There is a woman's radio show on 3 times a week, which is produced and broadcast from that station. The Halifax Mooseheads broadcast their away games on that station.

Well, according to one point in the CRTC decision, the new CJCH would only have a total of about 8 hours of spoken word content, PER WEEK! That would certainly seem to indicate that all of the above shows would disappear.

I proposed to Patricia on Rick's show last year. I can play it back on cd anytime I want to. I have been listening to CJCH since I was in my early teens. I have supported it by listening to it for an awfully long time, through thick and thin (except for the Sports Talk format of several years ago). I don't know if I can support the station if it throws out all of these important programs, especially if they are in favour of yet more long strings of songs I am already sick and tired of hearing.

I very much hope I am wrong, and that the CRTC got the wrong information somehow.

Operation Rednose tonight. It will be a long night, but worth it.


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