Monday, December 3, 2007

Twenty-Seventh Post - Odds and Sods

Heading off to bed soon. As you know from the earlier posts tonight, tomorrow will be a busy day. Won't be home until very late, 9:30 or 10. Break-in artists, be advised!!

Haven't told my parents about the break-in at my house. They worry about everything. Everything. Everything! A teacher's body was found in the trunk of her car, which was parked in the parking lot of the school where she taught. She lived one street over from me, and taught at the school close to my house (no, I didn't see or hear anything that night). Paula Gallant's murder hasn't been solved, and it's nearly 2 years since this happened.

Anyway, my parents transferred that horrible crime and its proximity to my home to my own life and location, and therefore worry that something untoward may happen to me, even though I have nothing to do with people of ill repute (except for a few swarthy characters in Toastmasters, that is!), and keep every door locked when I am at home. Yet, they worry; if they knew about the break-in, they'd be so sick with worry that I dare not tell them. This has been a burden to me, not being able to tell many people about this.

As I said before, some nights here are easier than others. Some nights I still feel safe here, and it is easy to pretend that nothing bad happened. Other nights, I think about that young man going through my stuff, prowling through my home, and what he might have done, had he found my cat that day in August. Those feelings will be dealt with tomorrow night when I meet with the boy and his family.

The chili has been in my fridge since Sunday afternoon. I cleaned off my steps just now, putting ice on them to prevent me from falling ass over teakettle carrying the crockpot tomorrow morning.

Bound and determined to get the chili to work tomorrow. Will drive to my work, plug the crockpot in at my office, drive the car to where I park it, and then walk to work. The chili should be nice and hot by the time the party starts at 11.

Have a good night!

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