Monday, January 14, 2008

80th Post - Another Radio Update

If you go to CJCH's website, you'll see, under the contact page, that Terry Williams is no longer the program director there or at C100.

What does this mean for the Hotline? What does this mean for even what ends up being played on C100?

I guess it all depends on, comes down to, how strong a champion Terry Williams was for the Hotline. I met him a couple of times. He was actually a guest speaker at a Toastmasters meeting in 2003. He always talked about how much he loved CJCH. I can't imagine that he would be anything other than supportive of the Hotline.

Is the new pd, Earle Mader, going to be as strong a champion for the Hotline? He had been the music director at C100, so I can't imagine that the music and programming at that station will change that much; but who knows what he will do with the programming at CJCH?

In this case, I can't imagine that this change bodes well for the Hotline.


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