Thursday, January 3, 2008

67th Post - The Most Expensive Cat in the World!

You know, I am just approaching the first anniversary of my commencing this new job. A year now. I make a little more money than I did at the previous job. I get use of a BlackBerry as well. And there are a couple of other perks. I love this job. I have so much fun every day, that I almost feel I should be paying them for the privilege of being there.

Right now, the money is the most important one of these improvements. It comes in handy because of all the coin I sink into this damn cat of mine.


We were in Tatamagouche in the fall of 2006, at the Farmer's Market they have there. Lovely place, Tatamagouche. I was munching away on a plate of perogies, when Patricia's eyes were drawn to a woman at a nearby picnic table who had a basket full of kittens she was giving away.

Patricia saw them first!

She wandered over as I began to deep throat the food. So lost was I in the perogies that I didn't see anything else. The universe consisted of me and the perogies. There was nothing else. Period. Full stop. You understand.

So, Patricia wandered over to the woman and began to fawn over the little six week old kittens. Most were female, but the the one Patricia picked up was a little boy, and he promptly fell asleep in her arms. Each cat had a little ribbon tied around its neck.

I finished the perogies, looked up, and looked around, trying to find Patricia. My universe expanded to include her once more. I saw her with the cats, and made my way over to her, and them, hoping that there might be more perogies in that general direction. Much to my disappointment, there were not. However, I then noticed the little kitties and fell in love with the one in Patricia's arms.

After trying to convince each other not to take this little cat, we decided to take the little cat, and take him back with us to the cottage. But before we did that, a woman who was flirting with me turned out to be a cousin of mine I hadn't seen in 15 years or so. Small world!

Anyway, we got this little ball of fur (the cat, not my cousin!) back to the cottage, and placed him on the floor next to Cindy Clawford, Patricia's cat. The little kitten wandered over to Cindy to say hello. Cindy just hissed at him, and since he was so small, we thought it best to keep them separate.

That evening, we tried to figure out what to call this little kitten. He was just exploring his new world, having been wrested away from his brethren earlier that day, never to see them again. He roamed around the living room, and the couch and nestled in the crook of my arm. "Patricia, everything is new to this cat. He's kind of like a ... newbie!"

The name stuck.

Some 15 months later, he is pretty much full grown. A long, sleek, lean cat. As of a few hours ago, when I took him to the vet's for his annual shots, he weighed 9 pounds, 11 ounces. That is not much more than Cindy weighs, but Newbie is much bigger and stronger now. He wriggles out of my arms whenever I hold him more than a few seconds.

So, he had his shots tonight. The shots, the deworming pills I am to give him, and all the food I got for him (wet and dry, and the snacks) cost me over $230. I was expecting it to cost even more, actually. As I was preparing my debit card for a work out, another couple picking up their dog was told that they owed over $2000 for their dog, who had just had an operation.

If you ever see a sign that says something like, "Cats free to good home", run! The cats may be free, but the cost of up keep will kill you!


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