Friday, January 4, 2008

68th Post - Christmas Returns and Louses, and Stay Away from the Trail Shop!

So, as an early Christmas present, Patricia got me something to attach to my boots to help prevent me from falling ass over teakettle on the ice. Yak Traks. My spider sense should have been tingling then, as my experience has always been that if a product contains a misspelling, then it is not a good product.

I call these items, ironic products, because they are supposed to be really good but turn out to be otherwise, even useless, when used in an environment where they are not appropriate to be used.

First of all, I found them to be difficult to attach to my boots. They consisted of velcro straps to hold them in place, but they never stayed in place.

Second of all, I didn't find them to be terribly useful. I didn't feel they were helpful in preventing me from slipping on the ice. I am sure footed enough not to need them.

Thirdly, once I was inside, removing these things was anything but easy, and walking on regular floors was nearly dangerous. Picture yourself wearing cleats while playing baseball, and then wearing them inside.

After using these things once or twice, I became so frustrated by them, so fed up at having received a gift so utterly useless to me, that I removed them and threw them in the back seat of my car, where they remained until Thursday.

Patricia tried to return them tonight after work. She bought them just before the holidays at The Trail Shop on Quinpool Road, which has been in business since 1968. They refused to accept them, as they had been used outdoors! Well, of course they had been. I used them twice and found them to be unsuitable for the reasons I have must outlined. The manager had been rude to her, so Patricia invited me to call them and see what he might be like with me. He was useless to me as well, refusing to accept them because they were covered with salt. He pointed out that a car dealership would not accept a car that had been driven and covered with salt, so why should they?

I pointed out that this had been a gift and I had not had an opportunity to use them until I used them. We had not been told that if their wares had been used at all that they could not be returned. He didn't budge.

Disgusted that we were stuck with these stupid things, and that Patricia was out that money, I hung up on the guy and informed Patricia that she now had two pairs of these Yak Trak things, as I refused to wear them. We will also never do business with those people again.

I get that small businesses are feeling the pinch against the big box stores. But, you know what? It has been my experience that the big box stores, and even places like Mountain Equipment Co-Op, stand behind their products, and will more readily accept returns or offer store credit if an item is unacceptable. I eagerly await this business' demise.

Because of this dude's attitude, because he was a snarky little so and so, we will never buy anything from them again. If they were the last place in Halifax to offer something that we really, really needed, we'd order it online before we'd consider going back there.

Afterward, we drove to a nearby Wal-Mart (yeah, Wal-Mart!!) where I purchased several pairs of jeans. I guess I should have gone to a local small business and paid three times as much, but nah! I also bought one of those multiple input AV devices, as my tv only has 2 sets of AV jacks, and I am trying to hang 4 devices off it. Hooked it up tonight, and it works great. Maybe I should have bought it at the Trail Shop and paid more for it and been verbally abused to boot, but I will seek bargains and don't necessarily wish to support a local business just because it's local and been around for 40 years.

I am not sure if I have a point this evening. It sure has felt good venting my spleen, though. If I do have a point, it would be that from now on, I will be doubly, trebly sure of what a store's return policy is before making any purchase from that store, or even considering making a purchase from that store. If it seems unreasonable, I will take my business elsewhere.

Calming down now, I remain... Bevboy!

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