Monday, January 7, 2008

71st Post - Pulling Through

Feel like living now. On Sunday, not so much.

I went to bed inordinately early Saturday night. I felt feverish and tired, and achey. I woke up Sunday with a fever and sore joints. If it makes any sense, my hair hurt. Rather than lay on my bed all day, I got up around 6:30 in the morning and went downstairs to lay back in my lazy boy chair for a few hours, before making it over the nearby couch to rest some more.

I didn't really eat anything yesterday. Drank some water, and Patricia brought me a couple bottles of ginger ale. I got the habit of drinking ginger ale when I was growing up, and my parents would buy it for whoever was sick in the family. Story goes, when my brother was dying of cancer, he asked for some ginger ale. My father went out in pursuit of some, but it was Christmas Eve, and the stores were closed. He returned home, empty handed, disappointed at having let his son down.

Ever since, whenever one of us was sick, there was always ginger ale in the house. I have continued the tradition into my adulthood, making sure I have some on hand during those special times. I try not to have pop at home otherwise, as I'll drink it if I have it.

I began to feel human again Sunday evening, but still called in sick today. I was still getting over a fever and only developing an appetite after a day and a half. I had a craving for fruit, though, so around 10 this morning, I ventured out for a few minutes to the local fruit and vegetable market.

I live in a community that is between two major shopping areas, one of them much larger than the other. Because of this situation, there is very little shopping in my own area. We have a Pharmasave Drug Store. We have a Tim Horton's, and it's a wonder, really, that we have that. We have some convenience stores and pizza places. And we have this tiny fruit and vegetable stand.

Came back here and rested for the afternoon. Tired tonight, at 7pm, and will go upstairs to the bedroom shortly for the rest of the evening.

Newbie was with me on the couch most of the afternoon. When I came into my office a little while ago to post this blog entry, he walked in here and positioned himself on a bookshelf so that he could watch me, or at least know where I was. Kinda sweet, actually.

Back to work tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


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