Tuesday, January 8, 2008

73rd Post - Bonus Post for January 8

Man, this is your lucky day! Two posts in one day. What did you do to deserve this?

Got an interesting e-mail today, by mistake. A co-worker accidentally sent me an e-mail regarding Spider-Man, and his "Brand New Day" status quo. He included this link:

I realize the above link only would make sense to maybe a few thousand of you. The remaining hordes of readers of this blog would only understand a little bit of it. "Spider-Man?", you're thinking. "Oh, Tony MacGuire? Of course! Do they still publish him?"

First of all, it's Tobey MaGuire, and they still publish Spider-Man comics, yes.

The publishers of Spidey recently decided to push the old reset button on the character, again, for about the 30th time, I guess. Over the years, they have changed his costume, changed his powers, changed his appearance, tried to kill off Peter Parker and replace him with his clone (don't ask!), and now they fixed it so that the last 20 plus years of continuity "never happened". Peter Parker now never married Mary Jane Parker in 1987. They never had kids (although that piece of continuity was taken away years ago, anyway). Peter is back to using his webshooters. Aunt May is still alive, even though I'd swear having read several stories in which the old bat croaked. Peter may even be a virgin again for all I know.

If you have spent any time looking at the above link, you might wonder if today's comic book artists can indeed draw. It is easy to have the impression that this guy, John Romita Jr., can't. But J.R., Jr. as he is known has been drawing professionally for about 30 years now. I used to love his work in the late '70's and well into the '80's. He was apparently not allowed to draw in the style he wanted to use, and was ordered to draw in a style more akin to his father's, who drew Spider-Man for many years (he was the first guy to draw the character after the co-creator, Steve Ditko, left the book suddenly).

I preferred his work to what he has been doing for the last 15 years or so. His work is much scratchier, the characters look awkward and homely, like teenagers at a high school dance.

I'm glad that he is still getting work, and if lots of people prefer his current work to his old stuff, then I am obviously in the minority.

What was my point?

Oh, right!

Anyway, I got this e-mail in error. It led to an amusing riposte or two between the two of us where we learned that he is a big fan of comics, too, and he has some buddies who are too. I was jealous to learn that he has friends, when I do not. I am bereft of friends, actually. Don't have one. Not one at all. Sob!

What was my point?

Oh, right!

Turns out that he and his little friends are potentially interested in purchasing some of my comics, the ones I have been passively selling off some time now. I haven't been knocking myself out to get rid of them in the last couple of years now. The heyday for that was back in 2004 and into 2005. I haven't even had someone in the house to buy books from me since early 2006. That may be about to change.

With that extra money, I'll buy some... some... more jeans! Maybe black ones.

And toothpaste! I'll stock up. Can't have too much of that.


urquharj said...

A few things:

I never knew how to spell heyday...always thought it was hay. Thanks for that

Black jeans are not cool.

Wait for the great toothpaste sale at Superstore....it goes on for 39cents. Now that's a good deal! I'm still working my way thru my 24 tubes. :-)

urquharj said...

ps, if you've already bough black jeans I take back my comment. They're totally awesome!

Bevboy said...

I am wearing black jeans today, Jane! Haven't you noticed?


urquharj said...

I LOVE BLACK JEANS! There the new trend of 2008...I had no idea! I'm the one who is un-cool.