Wednesday, January 9, 2008

74th Post - Time for TM

I am about 20 minutes away from going to my first Toastmasters meeting for 2008.

I find that Wednesdays, as I get a little older and perhaps a little wiser, are becoming longer and longer. I mean, TM meetings are still fun; but getting up as I do at 5:30 ayem M-F, leaving the house before 7, workin' all day until 4:30-ish, going to a meeting that starts at 5:45 and wraps up at 7:15 or so, and then getting home by 8:30 if I am lucky, makes for a long day. And there are plenty of Wednesdays when I get home even later than that. There have been nights I get home at 10pm, feed the cat, and go to bed. Period.

Am I getting too old for this... stuff? I don't know. I still enjoy my meetings every week. I feel more energized and enthusiastic after they're over than I do before they start. I still take great delight in seeing a new person join and develop into a poised, confident public speaker. Table Topics (the impromptu portion of our meetings) are still a rush for me, 16 years later.

Tonight, we're having a debate meeting. We will debate a topic of my own device and vote for the team thought to have debated better than the other one. Then, we'll go home and watch some scintillating reality show.

Good times, good times.



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