Thursday, January 10, 2008

75th Post - Declarative Statements

I declare it was a terrific Toastmasters meeting last night! We had something like 14 members and 4 guests all crammed into our meeting room. What a wonderful change from just a few months ago, when we were lucky to have 6 or 7 people show up for a meeting. My friend Adrian reports that he gets several e-mails a week from interested parties wanting to check us out. I actually got an e-mail today from someone wanting to check us out. No idea how this person got my addy. And a third person told me today that there are a couple people at her work who want to check us out. Where will we put them all?

I declare that today at work there was an e-mail from someone running a Healthy Workplace Program. She wants to start up a Biggest Loser-type competition, where the person who loses the biggest percentage of weight will win a day off with pay. I enjoy days off with pay, especially when they do not count toward my vacation entitlements, and I do need to take off a few pounds. I have found it more and more difficult to work out lately. Extremely hard to motivate myself to go to the gym. I do walk several blocks to and from my car each day, and try to get outta the office during my lunch hour; but actual, sweat-your-scrogies-off-god-i'm-gonna-die-i-see-dead-relatives-beckoning-over-here-over-here-Bev exercise is something I don't do enough of. Perhaps if I am competing against and with others of a like mind I will be able to motivate myself, so I am going to try this out. Wish me luck!! I need it.

I declare that today I wore my fall jacket and no undershirt. I should have worn the undershirt because it was cool enough to justify the wearing of one.

I declare that I am not sure what I am going to do this weekend. Those guys may come over and buy some books from me. I may tackle my laundry. I may sleep all weekend.

I declare that when Patricia goes to Winners tomorrow night, I won't. Hate that store. If we go to the one in Bayers Lake, I'll go to Future Shop and salivate over the wonderful manly electronics in said store. If, however, we go to the one at the West End Mall/Halifax Shopping Centre Annex, I'll likely walk around to the Wal-Mart and spend time in the electronics section of that said store. No way will I go to Winners, though. Am I the only one who thinks they sell cast off crap that didn't sell at full retail in a real store?

I declare that this post is finished. Have a good night.

I declare that I am Bevboy.

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