Saturday, January 12, 2008

77th Post - Where Has The Day Gone?

CBC Radio is playing a 2 hour tribute to Oscar Peterson right now. That is all well and good, but why is it on radio one? Why not radio two, the stereo service?

Went to bed comparitively early last night and slept through the thunder and lightning that apparently happened. Didn't hear a thing.

Newbie woke me up early because he wanted to be fed, so I got up around 5 and fed him. He is slowly taking to his new food. He was always stealing Cindy Clawford's food, and she, his, whenever they got together. So, now, Newbie is slowly being introduced to her diet on a full-time basis. Earlier this week, I'd get home at night only to discover that half or more of the food I'd put out in the morning was still in his bowl. Now, there is much less of it in the morning when I get up, or when I arrive home at night. That is a good thing.

In case you were wondering, Patricia ended up going to the Winners at the West End Mall last evening. Or, is it the Halifax Shopping Centre Annex? I don't know what the cut off is between those two places, because it looks like one big structure to little old me.

Maybe it has to do with how much money they're spending on the places. A few months ago, Patricia had to renew her driver's license or permit or something. The place to do that in Halifax is at the SNSMR offices at the West End Mall. While waiting for her, I wandered around the place, and there ain't much there no more, folks. Where there used to be a bank, a dollar store, a food court, an optician, and a bunch of other places, there are just empty stores. A few, a very few, retailers are still there, but mostly it is just emptiness. I recall the food court containing five or six venues, like an A&W; but there is absolutely nothing left. There is a lotto place, a dry cleaner's, a Tim Horton's, a Wells Fargo Financial, SNSMR, a HRM office, and that is about it. If those two government offices pulled out, the few associated businesses wouldn't last long at all.

Anyway, I got up for the day around 7:30 and began my day by washing my dishes. I shot some video on my BlackBerry of all the dishes that had to be washed this morning. I will not be putting it up here because I don't want you to think I am a pig living in my own filth.

After I did my dishes, I commenced my laundry. I ended up washing and hanging something like 16 shirts. Things were so bad at work this week, that on Thursday I nearly wore that, um, it was red and faded shirt. It isn't pink. It was red and faded. I did manage to dig into the back of my closet and find something a little more masculine, though.

I have to work on a Toastmasters speech. These advanced speeches are ones that require a great deal of effort. Half of that effort is finding a hook, something to make the speech interesting and compelling to my audience. Finally found one this week. I'll be doing a speech, a 30-40 minute workshop really, on job interviews. How to take one. How to prepare for one. How to try to get that damned job. Here's the title: "No! No! No! No! No! Yes!"

If you'll excuse me I have to write down my thoughts and prepare for this major presentation.


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