Tuesday, January 15, 2008

85th Post - Speech

Tomorrow's speech will be interesting.

You guys watch "Prison Break"? It was entertaining the first two seasons but now in season three we have the first scripted show that can continue during the writers strike. The actors are clearly making it up as they go along. No scripts are required!

They fight. They get along. They fight some more. They try to break out of SONA even though they don't know why they have a deadline to do so and the guy who they are breaking out changes the rules from one episode to the next. They are just filling screen time improvising a show while we sit home dumb founded wondering why we're watching this train wreck.

That is how I am approaching my speech tomorrow night. The subject deals with how to take a job interview. How to prepare for an interview. How to dazzle the selection panel. What not to do. That kind of thing

I have been struggling with how to "write" this speech. Nothing has worked. I just pray that my approach (which I have not tried before) works for me. It may be a big success. Or I may fall flat on my ass

Wish me well. I frigging need it!

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