Friday, January 18, 2008

88th post - Blogging from the dealership

Here I am. I am thumbing these words from the Chev olds dealership on Robie street. It is just past 730 am Friday morning

Up at 530. Showered fed the cat and went to the rec room. I am gradually recording the Stanley Kubrick films available through video on demand. Recording 2001 right now

After I pay too much for the oil change and tire rotation I will get breakfast somewhere and do a little shopping before returning home. Patricia and Ii were gonna go out today. However once again I am hearing that the drive home tonight will be dire. Snow changing to rain. Lots of driving fun!

Brought my walkman. When CJCH plays "seasons in the sun" I switch to another station until the song is over . Brian and Deb have no choice but to play it from time to time. I just wish they would give me a heads up by saying something like "Coming up! Seasons in the sun! Bev you know what to do!". I have been listening to this station for over 30 years and I feel I have earned this much good will

Say folks. What song do you hate to such an extent that you find you must switch to another station or turn the radio off or something? Please add your comments to this blog posting. I am most interested in reading your comments about this earth shattering topic

More later. Want more fair trade coffee

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urquharj said...

HATE Seasons in the's a classic!! Terry Jacks....come on Bev, it's like I don't even know you!

We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun.
But the wine and the song,
like the seasons, all have gone.

Bevboy said...

I can imagine Terry Jacks and his life right about now. There he is, working at the car wash, washing rich mans' cars.

During his 20 minute lunch break, he goes to his little lunch kettle (he bought it at the Sally Ann) and takes out his pimento loaf on rye sandwich and munches away at it. His third wife prepared it for him that morning. She's thinking of leaving him for the milkman.

They have a 25 year old GE clock radio on in the lunch room/file room. "Seasons in the Sun" comes on. After it's over, the d.j. says something like, "That was 'Seasons in the Sun' by Terry Jacks! Whatever happened to him, anyway?"

What does Terry do? Turn the volume up? Remember the good old days before life went to shit? Or run, shrieking from the car wash, back to the homeless shelter until the voices go away?

I know what I'd do.

Bevboy, who is tired of lots of other song, come to think of it.