Tuesday, January 22, 2008

91st Post - Missing Monday

I didn't have a chance to post on Monday. I was not feeling at all well yesterday. I developed one of my patented headaches in the afternoon at work and barely remember driving home last night. Had a quick dinner at the South End Diner, got home around 6, fed the cat, and went to bed to lie down for a short time until the headache went away.

The next thing I knew, it was 5:30 this morning. Except for one phone call from my parents, and a trip or two to the bathroom, I slept for the better part of 11 hours.

I feel fine today. Thanks for asking.

I have been experiencing these headaches since I was a little kid. I remember on my first day of Grade 3. It was the first year that we had to stay that extra hour. I got home at 3 pm or whatever it was, and collapsed in a heap on my parents' couch, exhausted, and with a headache.

For many years, I could "count" on a headache a week, usually the first day of work or the first day of study when I was in high school and then university. I'd feel sick to my stomach (but never became sick to my stomach, not even once), my vision would blur, and I found that things like Tylenol were like candy, as they had no positive effect on the headache at all. The only cure, consistent cure that is, was to sleep in a dark room until the headache went away.

I sought professional advice as a young adult working in an intense I.T. environment that demanded that I remain alert and productive every day. Every day, we had to bill an average of 8 hours to our clients, and there were all kinds of productivity tools that our bosses employed to ensure that our work was of top quality and done on time to boot. Imagine doing that every day. Maybe you do.

Anyway, I got a referral to see a specialist around 1990, 91. The specialist examined me and pronounced me healthy, but an intense person who needed to relax more. I was giving these headaches to myself, in essence, by taking things so damned seriously.

Ever since, I have tried to follow his advice, with mostly positive results. My headaches went down to perhaps 2 or 3 a month; but when I got them, leave me alone.

More recently, perhaps in the past five years or so, I discussed this with my physician, who mentioned that there had been some really good advances with headache medicine. He felt I had the type of headache best cured by either one type of prescription, or another. He gave me samples of both, and I found that the best cure was Zomig, with the active ingredient being something called zolmitriptan.

What a life saver! How many headaches I would have experienced, that went away as a result of this stuff, I cannot gauge. I just know that when the pills run out, as they did a week or two ago, I am on thin ice and vulnerable to these migraines again. When I feel a migraine coming on, I take a pill, and 45 minutes or so later I feel fine. I will go to the drugstore after work and fill that prescription.

So, that was my Monday evening: Sacked out, resting, praying to get over this headache.

More later.

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