Sunday, January 27, 2008

96th post. Sick

Patricia is still sick with the flu. I am beginning to develop the same symptoms she has had recently.

My cat is slowly becoming a lap cat. Three times tonight he has fallen asleep on my lap. It is where he is right now which is why I am thumbing these words on my BlackBerry.

Have been transferring vhs tapes to DVD in recent weeks. Bought a DVD recorder in early December. Amazing how little space these take up versus tapes. Will buy a few disc storage binders which will eventually store all the movies and documentaries I will want. Will freecycle virtually all of my vhs tapes when I am done dubbing what I want.

Of course, this will take several months as this dubbing process is a real time one. A 6 hour tape takes 6 hours to copy to a DVD followed by assigning names to the titles and the disc itself before I finalise it, making it playable on other DVD players.

(Newbie is still asleep. Will type more quietly)

The best thing about the recorder is that it detects the signals that the VCRs I have employed over the years have written to tapes as they began to record a show or movie for me. These signals make it easy for me to find the program I want on the tape loaded into the VCR

The DVD recorder reads these signals and assumes that I want it to create separate entries or titles on the resulting DVD. I am usually a "don't assume anything" kind of guy but this feature is one that I love. It is one that enables me to create a DVD containing 6 episodes of "Regenesis" (to use but one example) showing up as separate entries that I can select from a DVD players menu. Pretty slick.

Bored yet?

Newbie is still asleep. What does he do all day to warrant needing so much rest?

Good night!

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