Wednesday, January 30, 2008

99th Post - So Very Close!

I am home much earlier tonight than I normally am. Patricia is still not feeling well, so I drove her home after work rather than go to my Toastmasters meeting. She is home resting now, while I am here, plugging and blogging away.

It may interest you to know that I have already begun work on Post #100. It should be the longest post by far. Just think of it as a special bonus feature, like the ones on dvd that you don't bother to watch.

Interesting day at work. But then again, pretty much every day at work is interesting. Color me... contented professionally, and it can only get better.

Someone teased me at work today about the name of this blog. Honestly, folks, I have been called Bevboy for about 20 years now. The name goes back to the beginning of my career when I was in an office where there was also a female named Bev. When someone called out, "Bev!", we both looked up, which was confusing to say the least. So, they called her Bev Girl; and me, Bev Boy.

And, in my Toastmasters club, there is also a female named Bev. She goes by "Beverly" mostly, and that is a dirty word to me. Hate being called Beverly, as I have already explained. To tell us apart in the club, they call her Bev Girl; and me, well, I guess you're already ahead of the game. Bevboy.

The name "Bevboy's Blog", and the associated url ( confused her as it seemed to suggest that, I suppose, I had children, and that this blog concerned my children, or that the blog fixated on children in a creepy, inappropriate manner best not discussed any further. I swear to you, the millions of you reading this blog, that nothing could be further from the truth. "Bevboy" is a nickname I have had for a long time now. It is alliterative, and along with "blog", makes the blog name easy to remember for those of you who tell your friends about how wonderful this blog is.

Any questions?

See you tomorrow for... #100

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