Friday, February 8, 2008

107th Post - Ketchup Time!

Sorry I haven't written much the last few days. I have been crazy busy.

Picked up my parents at the bus terminal Thursday evening. We went to dinner after that to the local Steak and Stein, where the nightly special was corned beef and cabbage. Only $9 for an extremely full plate of food, which once again I could not finish. There was not that much meat on the plate; only about the fabled "deck of cards" amount that is supposed to constitute a serving. But they load it up with potatoes, turnips, cabbage and carrots, and I defy anyone to eat the entire amount. I was pretty damned hungry as we sat down to our meals at around 7:10 last night. I ate more of what was on my plate than I have ever been able to put away. And yet, there was still a good third of it left when I pushed the plate away from me and began contemplating waddling back to my car.

My mother was up to visit her eye specialist again. She has been seeing her for a good 12 years now. And I have been the one to take her, virtually every time. I have lost track of the number of vacation days I have sacrificed to make sure that she and my father make any medical appointments in the city. My boss at my previous job was kind enough to allow me to use "family illness days", a provision of our contract allowing people to take their children or dependents to medical appointments, or to care for them for a day or so. The way Rod interpreted it, I would be able to use those days to help my parents even though they do not live with me. To be fair to him, the wording of the agreement is ambiguous enough to allow for that reasonable interpretation, and I was always grateful to him for that generous and liberal reading of our contract.

I have also been using my EDO's (earned days off) to see to my parents. I get every third Friday off. My mother is to see this doctor again in August, but it will not be an edo thing, as this procedure must be performed on a Monday or Tuesday. That will likely be a vacation day thing.

For some reason I kept forgetting the time of my mother's appointment this morning. I thought it was 8:50, so we left the house around 8:10, 8:15 to make it to the appointment in time. About 10 minutes into the trip, I remembered that it was supposed to be 9:50. We had left the better part of 2 hours early! I asked my mother why she hadn't reminded me of the time, and she said she thought it a mite unusual that we were leaving so early, but thought I knew what I was doing. We ended up killing time at a local Wal-Mart's McDonald's, where we drank coffee and ate muffins until shortly after 9. We still arrived in plenty of time.

And we ended up staying there for hours. The good doctor was not particularly busy today, yet patients were backed up. We didn't get in to see the actual doctor until 11:20 or so.

After the appointment, as we were pressed for time, we ate sandwiches in my car before driving my parents to a used clothing store to kill 15 minutes. From there, it was to the bus station, where I saw them off around 1:10. Ran a couple of errands, visited Patricia for a moment or three, and came back to the house, where I collapsed on my bed for a couple of hours. I'd likely still be asleep if not for my cat's insistence that I get up. It is fine for Newbie to sleep all day long, but he doesn't appreciate his primary care giver's own indolence.

More later.

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