Tuesday, March 4, 2008

145th Post - A change of pace

Jeez, I had a crappy day today. Less than 4 hours before it's over.

Rather than rant about the couple of things that happened today that were a little sub par, and develop a reputation for being Mr. Negative Pants (What? Me? Never!), I thought I'd completely change pace and run a few more pictures of myself. Oshtur knows, the last time I ran pictures of myself with famous people, it put my many readers into a tizzy. Still recovering from the after effects of the Joyce Dewitt story. Read post #100 or thereabouts for that.

But, before we get to more pictures of me, I thought I'd put up a picture of my betrothed.

I can't say that this is the best picture of Patricia, but it's the most fun one, and probably my favourite at the moment. A couple of years ago here in Halifax, a local charity was selling off these lobster thingies. People would bid on them, and the winner would get to keep the item in question. Some wiseacre decided it would be cool to have a Spider-Man-related lobster thingy, no doubt with the full permission of Marvel Comics.

Patricia was out strolling the waterfront in 2006 with a co-worker who just happened to have her digital camera with her. They chanced upon this item, and Patricia got out her webshooters and put them to work. I call this picture, "Spider-Patricia"!

All right. One more picture without me in it, just to prove that I am not an egotistical lout. Or, rather, to give you the impression that I am not an egotistical lout.

In 2004, I turned 40. It is a traumatic event in a fella's life, let me tell you that. To get over this shock to my ego, and in order to get a Chinese friend of mine to take a day away from her studies and see the eagles that come to a small community called Sheffield Mills, a special invitation was made. Farmers put out chicken guts, pig innards, and the like, in order to attract bald eagles. Daisy and some friends drove down there from Halifax to see them. I convinced my parents, who did not know these people, to prepare dinner for total strangers, calling it a part of my birthday present. They reluctantly agreed.

Around 4pm, Daisy and the others showed up. I only knew Daisy from Toastmasters. I didn't know Franki or his wife Yue or the other two. I have been friends with Franki and Yue ever since. His English was poor at the time and I promised him that if he would agree to join Toastmasters and give it his all, I would teach him enough English to make him comfortable in the club, and perhaps even in society. He can tell you how successful I was, or whether my meager efforts were for naught.

But I digress.

They showed up that afternoon, and stayed into the evening. My father regaled them, and us, with stories of his youth; and Franki, Daisy, Yue and the others all listened in rapt attention. Toward the end of the evening Patricia grabbed me and told me to take a picture of them all huddled around my father. This is one of two that I took back-to-back. I think it's the better of the two.

It was my birthday party, but I was still in the kitchen cooking the fish cakes my parents had prepared.

It was a wonderful, magical evening for us all. My father has had a lot of health issues in the last 8 years or so. He very nearly died in 2000 of an aortic dissection, the same thing that killed John Ritter. Most people who get an aortic dissection die. It's as simple as that. Ever since, he has felt he has a new lease on life, that he had been given another chance. That evening, and on lots of evenings since, he used his time well.

I hope you like the picture. It is one of my favourites.

Another one of my favourite pictures is from another fun evening, a couple of months later. April of 2004. The 17th, I think. Frankie and Yue returned the favour and invited my parents, Patricia, and me over to their home for dinner. Yue made authentic Chinese food, which is totally unlike the repulsive swill that infests most Chinese restaurants most of the time. This picture was taken by Yue, methinks, and features me with my father and Frankie.

Damn, I looked good back then, huh? Nice and trim. Cute. Adorable. Et cetera. Looking forward to getting back to that kind of weight class again.

Have a good evening, constant reader.


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