Monday, March 31, 2008

180th Post - Rant of the Month

I try to keep this a positive place. I try not to look at the negative side of things. There are plenty of blogs written by depressed people, and which attract depressed people.


But, it sure is hard not to think and rant a little bit about something that really bugs me. I think, once a month, I'll allow myself to succumb to these temptations. Let off steam, so to speak.

Here in Halifax, there is much talk on the two open line radio shows from pedestrians concerning the dumb ass drivers out there. I have little doubt about this. I have seen drivers holding a cell phone engaged in an animated conversation nearly run over some poor sod crossing the street. Thank Crom and Mitra that at midnight tonight a law comes into effect in Nova Scotia prohibiting the use of cell phones while driving. You can still use a hand free blue tooth headset, or I suppose even a headphone set attached to your blackberry; but you may not use a hand held cell phone whilst driving, starting in just a few hours. That is as it should be.

I have seen drivers pull a u-turn right in front of me, when I was just a car length away. She pulled to the right, did the u-turn, and went the other way, without even noticing I nearly smashed into her. I lay on the horn, and she gives me the finger. Go figure.


However, I sure do see some crazy ass pedestrians out there, too. Every day at coffee I look out the window at Tim's and watch pedestrians walk against the light (they have a red light, and they cross the street anyway). I saw our premier, Rodney MacDonald, do that this morning, actually. Shame on him.

I have seen people cross the street diagonally. Too lazy to use two crosswalks, they use none at all.

I have seen people cross the street as the flashing walk sign was activated. This is illegal. It also prevents drivers from navigating that intersection, vexing them mightily.

What I have not seen, is a crazy ass pedestrian at an intersection at the same moment a dumb ass driver was approaching it. THAT would be interesting. Who would survive that steel cage match?

More in a minute.


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