Tuesday, April 1, 2008

183rd Post - Messy Eater

So, on Sunday, when I made dinner for Patricia and me, I made a mess. It was pasta with meat sauce. Guess where the tomato-based liquid ended up? Yep. On one of my dress shirts. One of the shirts I wear to work.

Unfortunately, it was not the "pink" shirt. I say ""pink"" because it is really not pink. It was red and faded. Honest.

Anyway, when I got home that evening, I put stain remover on it. Let it soak in the soaking tub next to my washing machine, overnight. Washed it in the regular cycle, which is fairly violent.

Stain was faded but still visible.


Used more stain remover. Put borax on the stain. And club soda. Let it soak some more over night. Got home tonight to discover that a box above the sink had fallen in the sink, and dye from the box got on the shirt. Thank God, I was able to wash that out tonight with plenty of detergent and borax.

However, the stain, while faded yet more, remains on the shirt.

Just put some more stain remover on it. Will soak it some more over night and wash it yet again tomorrow evening.

I only paid a few dollars for this shirt. I have had it for years. I don't even like it that much. It's a pale yellow with pin stripes for goodness' sake. Yet, I am willing to spend more money on cleaning products to clean this damn thing, than the shirt is worth. It has become a point of pride for me to clean it thoroughly. To wash that stain away.

I shall persevere. I shall not rest. I shall not flag or fail. I shall clean on to the end, I shall clean in France, I shall clean on the seas and oceans, I shall clean with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, I shall clean, whatever the cost may be, I shall clean on the beaches, I shall clean on the landing grounds, I shall clean in the fields and in the streets, I shall clean in the hills; I shall never surrender.

And, then, I shall take the shirt home to Mommy to clean it for me.



urquharj said...

That's weird that we were just talking detergent and I hadn't even read this post!

Anyway, get some Oxyclean http://www.oxiclean.com/default2.asp and it will take the stain out no problem. I always get the powder form....never tried the spray, but there hasn't been a stain I haven't been able to remove....and I have two, two year olds that eat A LOT of spaghetti!

Bevboy said...

Thanks, Jane. I have tried oxiclean. The stain is faded, but still visible.

I shall not rest, etc.