Friday, April 4, 2008

189th Post - Karen Begin/ Darian O'Toole 1990 Pub Shot

Got these scanned today, and cropped them just now. Note the spelling of her first name. It was an affectation as I have it on good authority that her first name was spelled with an "e".

I read the 1990 letter she sent me. It is a very friendly, flirtatious letter that includes her then phone number in Kentville. I wonder who has that number now? Hmm.

I'll not post that letter. I am also not posting the note she sent me with the Christmas card that year. The note you see was written on the back of her pub shot.

I guess I need a little context here. The "Hallowe'en" reference was the party she invited me to in 1990 in Kentville, Nova Scotia.

I got there, not knowing a soul other than Karen. As I recall, she wasn't there when I arrived. Whe she did appear, she spent much of the evening in the bathroom, doing God knows what, leaving me with these strangers. She eventually came out, wearing black clothing and having smeared black make up on her face. A picture was taken of the two of us. I do not have that photograph. Wish I did.

Like I wrote in a previous post, there is no way I could call that get-together a date. I can't imagine that any rational person would.



Daryl said...

Wow, that picture brings back memories for me. I remember when she had those head shots taken. We were still roomates at the time and she ransacked my room to find my gloves to wear. She had this wierd thing about showing her hands in the picture. It's nice to remember fond things and not get bogged down with the bad. Thanks for the comments, I am sure they will bring up alot of memories for others as well. Those days at Magic 97 are some of my fondest memories.


Bevboy said...

Interesting! What was it about her hands that made her so self-conscious?

Just a reminder to let you all know that all pictures on my blog can be blown up by clicking on them.

Daryl, did you work on the air at Magic? What was your radio name?


Daryl said...

I don't know what her hang up was about her hands... she just really needed those gloves. I did the evening shift. I was only 21 and was loving every minute of radio life. My name was Daryl and funny thing... still is. We had some fun times.