Friday, April 11, 2008

196th post. Casino night blogging

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Out 2 nights out in a row. Will be working all weekend so I had to have a little fun

You are looking a picture I snapped on my BlackBerry last night at Casino Nova Scotia of a young fella named Martin Dube. He is a singer and impressionist with apparently more than 400 voices in his repertoire.

I won the tickets off CJCH radio on April 11, not knowing until I won them that the show was for that evening! I was busy all morning getting some important additions made to my home (enigmatic little bastard, aren't I?) and then running the roads in the afternoon. Managed to carve out 45 minutes for a nap before having a quick dinner at Patricia's (we both swear off, and at, the President's Choice Reduced Fat Chicken Strips, which have no taste whatsoever), and driving to the Casino for the show.

After seeing Larry the Cable Guy on Thursday, and Dube on Friday, I have to report that it will be my last night of fun for a few weeks. I will have to put in some overtime between now and the end of the month. We absolutely must be finished by April 30th, and that means my nights and weekends will be snatched away like that pebble on Kung Fu.

Not complaining, of course. I am just explaining that my blog posts will be fewer over the next little while. I do have plans for post #200, coming up sometime next week. You'll recall that #100 consisted of some pictures, and #150 had the "alphabet game" version of an incident from my youth. #200 will also contain something special, something I have never attempted before. I laid some groundwork for it on Thursday the 10th. On Tuesday the 15th, the next part of this grand scheme will come to fruition. After that, I'll just have to assemble the material created that day, based upon that groundwork I just mentioned, and that will be post #200. And there should be a picture or two, as well.

A couple of people reading this blog already know what #200 will be about, because they're involved in its development and creation.

Be here. It will be good. Life affirming, too.

Time to take Cindy Clawford to the vet's. And then, back here to work for the rest of the day.


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